Monday, 11 June 2018

Calum MacLeod signs for Vitality Blast!

I had only just posted my thoughts on the Riverside trip and my suggestion that county moves would be worthwhile for those concerned in Scotland's great win yesterday, when news broke that Calum MacLeod would be joining us for this year's Vitality Blast.

I am assuming that this has been a work in progress for some time, unless Kim Barnett flew to Edinburgh by helicopter last night, contract in hand, but from a timing perspective it could scarcely be better for Cricket Scotland or for Derbyshire.

In addition, Scotland's Kiwi coach Grant Bradburn, who has done such a fine job north of the border, will work alongside John Wright and Dominic Cork in coaching the Derbyshire squad, that now includes Safyaan Sharif and MacLeod from the Scottish set up.

MacLeod is a very talented sportsman who, if you like interesting titbits of information, played hockey at the same club as me near Glasgow. It is fair to say that he was one of the talented juniors, whereas I was one of the journeyman old lags, but hey, it's a claim to fame. I am sure that we will see plenty of reverse stick/reverse sweeps from him and Wayne Madsen as the competition progresses.

As I wrote earlier, there were plenty at Durham who felt MacLeod  hard done by to be released there, having earlier been on the Warwckshire staff. Back then he was a promising all rounder, but issues with his action saw him gradually focus on his ability as a powerful batsman. A sweet timer of a cricket ball, he will give additional power to our top order and an average of just under thirty and strike rate of 126 suggest he will be a fine asset. Don't expect a contribution like yesterday every game, as it doesn't work like that, but if he comes off it should be well worth the admission fee.

As for the coach, there's a fine piece here that describes his ethics and his approach to the game. It is excellent and well worth a read. He has learned the hard way and has done fine jobs in a variety of roles.

Full marks to Derbyshire for an innovative and, as it turns out, timely approach for a cricketer, and coach who will now be hot property.

Coming to a ground near you, this summer.

Welcome to Derbyshire, Calum and Grant.

Like Scotland, we're on the move in the right direction.


  1. Interesting signings. Based on yesterday McLeod looks an exciting prospect. I wonder whether this means there will be no second overseas for the Blast.

    Re the current game at Durham true to form we are doing it the hard way. As I write Durham lead by 165 with 2 wickets still remaining. I predicted we would struggle with anything over 150; not because of the wicket but because of the batting confidence factor. Lwts hope I'm wrong - if we do lose it will be an even greater debacle than the Notts game, espwciallg guven the lust of Durham absentees.

  2. Looks like a desperate move on Kim’s part. I suppose something had to be done with that batting lineup

  3. It has apparently been several weeks in the planning, Doug, and these things don't happen overnight.

    I think Barnett is to be applauded for proactivity myself, and especially the timing of it.

    Had he done nothing, surely there would have been more cause for criticism?

  4. Sorry I meant LIST of Durham absentees! Didn't mean to suggest they were anything other than good honest lads!!
    (I wiil proof read my posts in future)

  5. Really excited by this signing and especially after watching the Scotland v. England highlights yesterday evening! MacLeod is exactly the type of batsman we have been missing to help us progress into the latter stages of the white ball competitions. Will be very interesting to see if an additional player is added to join MacLeod and Wahab Riaz now. Also, congratulations to the county for building what sounds a very promising new partnership with Cricket Scotland. I am sure both parties can only gain from this new initiative. James

  6. Barnett is the guy who thought we had a strong enough batting lineup

    Signing a hit or miss Scot is panic

    1. In T20 all players are hit or miss, Doug. The format negates consistency.

      And we have lost Luis Reece, of course. He will have lined it up but left a final call to John Wright.

      Astonished you arent a little excited at a very hot property coming to our club. Disappointed, actually.

  7. If Callum McCloud was really a hot property he would not have been plying his trade in the 2nd XI for Hampshire this season.
    Even so I hope he can improve the fortunes of a brittle Derbyshire batting line up.

  8. Must be the worse Derbyshire performance against Durham I have ever seen, and there have been many over the years. The players should hang their heads in shame. Where do we go from here?


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