Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Wahab Riaz signs for T20

Anyone who has seen the over that Wahab Riaz bowled at Shane Watson in the 2015 Cricket World Cup will have an idea what he is capable of.

Because when he gets his dander up, when the stars are aligned in such a way that he has body and mind together to make a beautiful whole, he is one of the fastest bowlers in world cricket.

Even in T20, where bowlers have only twenty-four balls to make an impression, Riaz can and has turned a few matches with overs of startling pace and hostility. The thought of him doing that in Derbyshire colours, perhaps running in to bowl against Nottinghamshire or Yorkshire, or indeed anyone else in that kind of vein is enough to get a cricket fan excited.

The key for Derbyshire will be to get him to that state on a regular basis, because he is a player who can just run through the motions, as evidenced by their national coach, Mickey Arthur, dropping him because of a perceived lack of effort in training.

So Gary Wilson, and more specifically John Wright and Dominic Cork, will need to work out how to get the best from him. We want prime time Rana Naved, who bowled beautifully for Sussex before turning up at Derbyshire out of condition and some way removed from it.

IF we can do that, if Dominic Cork as bowling coach can quickly work out the way to get the best from a bowler of unquestionable talent, we may have a serious weapon on our hands. He only goes for seven an over in T20, and was the highest wicket taker in the last PSL.

Crucially he adds more variety to a likely T20 attack that now has a left and right arm fast bowler, together with the canny Rampaul and a combination of Madsen, Critchley and Hughes. If we can find a spinner for the other overseas role, we might just have an attack for all seasons, though that spinner role will be tough to fill.

As for Riaz, what are your thoughts? Have we unearthed a diamond for ten matches, one that might propel us to the business end of the table? If he does, before heading to the Caribbean Premier League, there will undoubtedly be plans to bring in a replacement, but Riaz has a chance to come in and shape something.

On paper, it is a signing to get excited about, the caveat being that we can get the mean and moody fast bowler of searing pace to turn up on a regular basis and keep him fit.

It will make for entertaining watching, that is for sure.

Well done Derbyshire, and Kim Barnett. In a declining market from an availability standpoint, they have brought in a player who potentially could do something special.

Let's see.


Rob said...

Barnett seems to have an over-emphasis on bowling. Riaz is a fine bowler and his left-arm pace will cause problems. But when will we bolster the batting with a genuinely gritty, combative top-line number 3 or 4. This is the area where we are liable to collapse in any game of whatever format. You describe Rampaul as 'canny' - not been over impressed with his bowling to this point, lacking direction and too short.

Mark Neve said...

Pretty impressed with this signing. From memory he can bat a bit too. Very fast. Nowt like a good fast left armer for that different angle. Bring it on. Just the spinner needed now.

Mark B said...

I agree, if a committed Wahab turns up then he is a good signing. If Santner was here aswell then I would strongly fancy us for finals day. News on his replacement is eagerly awaited, who it is will be key for our T20 chances.
It would also be interesting to know whether we have someone lined up for the last T20 games as a Wahab replacement. If so presumably whoever it is, they are not regarded as strong as Wahab, otherwise we would have signed them for the whole competition.

Adam said...

I have to say that I did not see this one coming, I thought that we would see a spinner for our main overseas player for the second half of the season and that maybe a hard hitting top order batsman would be our second T20 overseas player. That being said, Riaz could be an inspired choice, he is very hungry to get out and to prove himself to Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur and a fired up Riaz is one who performs best. I hope that he is able to get some cricket in somewhere prior to joining us as I think his last game was back in March in the Pakistan Super League, so hopefully match fitness does not prove to be an issue. As with most Pakistani cricketers, he will be under predictable and entertaining!

It appears that our other overseas player may well be Pakistani, the names of Yasir Shah and Shadab Khan have been linked with the club and having two Pakistani players together may help them to hopefully bring the best out of each other.

Peakfan said...

I think he has earned that Rob around the world. Early days and he will take wickets.
And Wright chooses his T20 men and likes a quality attack to keep targets down

Mark Neve said...

Barnett has said many times in interviews that John thinks you win t20 with bowlers. So clearly Barnett gets what Wright wants for the t20.

Knack said...

Personally, I wouldn't sign anyone who may have commitment issues.

David Woolley said...

I agree with Rob's comment about KB having an over-emphasis on bowling. There is no doubt that this lad can bowl, and he might have to be on top of his game, because I can see us struggling to score 'big runs'. Nailed on for the first T20 game must be Reece, Critchley, Hughes, Madsen, Rampaul, Riaz and Viljoen. That's seven to bowl 20 overs. Come on Kim, let's make our second overseas a big hitting, middle order batsman.

Disagree with Rob about Rampaul. Based on what I saw in Middlesex's first innings, he bowled quite well for early season. Also, the two games so far have been four dayers, he most probably has a different repertoire for the short game.

Peakfan said...

Or just not fancying a longer stint Mark.

Might be a top player fancies four matches to get ready for some tour or another

Anonymous said...

Really pleased with this signing Peakfan. Was it always the original plan to have Santner and Wahab Riaz for the T20? If not, full credit to the county for securing a top quality new target. I would now really love the county to opt for a big hitting batsman as the other overseas T20 recruit (I am assuming a second signing is still the plan?). I still think that somebody who can clear the ropes easily is what you need to secure a Finals Day slot in conjunction with the quality overseas bowler we now have. Just a thought but is Luke Ronchi not available? He did very well for Leicestershire last season and he would be ideal in my opinion. I am sure the club have a few options but a batsman would be my option now. Finally, great to see Footitt back on loan too. Another shrewd bit of business. The treble is on! James

Mark Neve said...

Matt Critchley bowling seems to be coming on. I wonder if we might go for a batsmen as a result as second t20 overseas?

Gary Spencer said...

Exciting day at the 3AAA ground without a ball being bowled. When it comes to fast bowler in 20/20 I haven't seen many fast bowlers do well at the start of the innings. It will be interesting how Derbyshire utilise Riaz. I think personally have Wright and Cork combination makes us way ahead of the other team tactically and It was evidence last year of the improvment we saw in the team.

It is good set Mark Footit back in Derbyshire shirt even if it is brief spell. A person who has got 300 wickets in 1st class cricket will always be a big weapon. I am not to convinced about using him in limited overs from my memory watching him in it. Hopefully the stay will be extend for next round Championship matches later on.

Peakfan said...

I think Madsen remains a good early innings option.Reece did well in Bangladesh with the ball and Critchley looks much improved after his work with Stuart McGill. There is also Hughes and I guess it depends on who is available, a top bat or an average spinner. A good spinner who can bat no bad thing and Santner a huge loss

Peakfan said...

Ronchi did well but I am not sure we need a 4th keeper! Love the confidence!

John said...

Love this guy will never forget that spell against Australia had a massivey soft spot for him ever since . Definatley going tommakevsure I gio and see him play and get a selfie or two

Well done DCCC