Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Second team thrashed by Warwickshire

The casual observer may have noted that Derbyshire's second eleven were soundly thrashed by Warwickshire yesterday, by an innings and 217 runs.

Yet the detail confirms why. The Derbyshire side contained only five non-Academy players, James Kettleborough, Harvey Hosein, Callum Brodrick, Will Davis and Tom Wood. Their opponents had an attack of Oliver Stone, Oliver Hannon-Dalby, Keith Barker, Sunny Singh and Josh Poysden, while Dominic Sibley hit an unbeaten 278 for them.

Exposure of the academy players to a higher level was a reason for the release of Tom Taylor, Ben Cotton and others over the winter, and at the very least it will let them know what they need to do to step up.

One player showed he may well have what it takes and that was Callum Brodrick. He made 24 and 63 from the match and, just turned 20, looks a player with a future. That attack was county standard and Callum now knows he can score runs at that level, psychologically no bad thing.

Scoring runs at that level, regularly, is key for all young players intent on a first team place. Should one arise, the man scoring those runs will edge ahead in the selection discussions. Irrespective of wicket-keeping, Harvey Hosein will be in those discussions too, as you never know when a broken finger or pulled hamstring presents opportunity.

With four in each innings, Harvey didn't take an opportunity, but will doubtless score runs and press his claims over the summer. Meanwhile, Will Davis took two wickets in his 21 overs but went for 128 runs, so his first-team chance may need to wait a while. Indeed, Alfie Gleadall, with 2-66 in seventeen overs did better and will be a quick bowler to watch.

I'll be back tomorrow, as the squad for the Durham game is announced. It is the last one before attention switches to the RLODC for a month, so a good performance is imperative.


  1. As one who watched the afternoon turn from balmy to breezy showery I'd like to comment not so much on the result, where Derbyshire's two innings made not many more than Sibley's only knock for the Bears, but about standards of another sort.

    I know of many club Third Elevens who take care to look as a team, though granted not necessarily having much more idea than the Government Front Bench about playing . Yesterday Derbyshire looked not far removed from a shambles.

    Let's forget the fact that one Derbyshire youngster used the sort of fielding technique that us Over 50's try in failing to stop a boundary with his foot, let's look at attire alone.

    Hats of this and that are a given to be different, as some prefer the cap to the baggy to the white wide brimmed, but what about the shirts?

    This is Derbyshire Seconds remember. We had numbered shirts of some, we had a Nottinghamshire shirt worn by another, and we had a local club shirt making an appearance too.

    Derbyshire didn't play much like a team here, which is partly excusenable against a Second Xl that would beat some county first elevens, but by looking so " thrown together", so amateurish I'm afraid I was disappointed by more than just getting walloped.

  2. Very valid comments Steve and one would hope that, as you say, a team representing the county 2nds might look like that.
    I accept that many aren't 'staff' players or even academy, but one would hope that we can afford some generic shirts in large and medium for use by trialists? They only need collected at end of game and washed.
    Surely we can do that?
    Heck, an ad hoc team that I ran looked, at least, the part and their gear was washed by Mrs P after each game, so I had it for the next one.
    It isnt that tough but I am disappointed to read that Steve. Thanks for sharing

  3. This club still does not learn. There are players up for selection for the Durham game, who would not get into the seconds of other major counties. There is no excuse at all for shoddy turn-out or shoddy, unprofessional attitudes let alone techniques such as failing to bend the back to stop boundaries. How many times has this got to be spelt out to this Club. It beggars belief and is totally unacceptable. Many supporters have had enough of second or even third-class attitudes and mentality.

  4. Having watched the 2nd XI last week losing comfortably to a young Worcestershire 2nd XI it is difficult to see a win any time soon.


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