Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Thakor sacked by Derbyshire

For me, there was a certain inevitability in the announcement today that Shiv Thakor had been sacked by Derbyshire.

Following on from last week's conviction for exposure, there seemed little alternative for the club, to be perfectly honest.

I don't plan to labour the point, because it is a sensitive subject. A young player who was always pleasant and affable on the occasions I chatted with him has done untold damage to his cricket career. Meanwhile his club has lost a player who looked like he could become really special. Both are the poorer for the parting, but that doesn't mean that it isn't the right thing to do.

For Derbyshire the question is how they replace an influential all-rounder who gave balance to the team and could produce match-winning displays with bat and ball. They may go with what they have, or may look at a replacement. Such a player would have to be special and, to my mind Kolpak, were that the case.

For Thakor, the question is whether he can eventually rebuild his career and who would perhaps, at some point, give him the opportunity to do so. It will not be easy.

That's one for the future to reveal. All I can say, in closing, was that I enjoyed watching him in Derbyshire colours.

Hopefully we can get back to cricketing matters now.


  1. He's done his career serious damage. Unfortunately the sexual element of his conviction is incompatible with the club as it is and while I'm disappointed it's come to this you can't really disagree with the decision.
    Tim, Chesterfield

  2. Very disappointing Peakfan, but completely understandable, and in my opinion the correct decision for the club to make.
    A very talented young sportsman has ruined his very promising career.

  3. Yes very disappointing for the club, and sad that a talented player has let himself and many others down! Hopefully the ECB have given guidances on this and transmitted to all the other counties not to employ him in the short-term, thus ensuring we don't get a double whammy, i.e. loosing him for no fault of the clubs, and getting a quality ex player doing damage against us, there have been plenty of those over the years. As PF says let's have some good news so we can look forward to 2018.

  4. Tim, Chesterfield24 November 2017 at 06:54

    The ECB can't do any such thing, nor should they.

    1. Possibly so, I know there are potential restraint of trade issues but EWCB have policies/directives regarding illicit drug abuse (Durhams Jack Burnham, banned for a year) which may not even be seen as a criminal offence. I totally agree with the club decision, but I think it would be harsh if Derbyshire, quite rightly, take a hard stance, but another county are relaxed on the issue and employ him immediately.

  5. Tim, Chesterfield26 November 2017 at 10:00

    It's no longer any of our business.


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