Friday, 6 October 2017

Reece signs three-year deal

More good news emanated from the 3aaa County Ground yesterday, with Luis Reece signing a three-year contract to the end of 2020.

He did a terrific job for us in his first season, looking increasingly solid in the long form of the game, as well as confirming that he has a full range of shots and can score as quickly as anyone in the short forms. Add in his fielding and his useful left-arm medium pace and you have a very valuable cricketer. I am unsure in how much bowling he can do when he is likely to be batting in the top three, but for the angle alone he is a useful option for any captain, even if only for a few overs.

With Matt Critchley heading off to Australia on another cricket scholarship for the winter, following on from the news on Hamid Qadri's Young Lions call-up earlier in the week, it is encouraging, to say the least.

Yesterday, Kim Barnett revealed in an interview that we were looking for a seam bowler who could bat for the overseas role in the first half of the season, as well as a non-overseas seamer. I still haven't seen many players being released around the county circuit, although none of us know who is out of contract around the country. I would be happy with Azharullah, from Northamptonshire, but am unaware of other availability at this stage.

It is quite difficult to get a handle on the couple of players that we have apparently approached for that overseas role. I can think of a number of overseas seam bowlers, some of who can bat, but some will have IPL involvement which may limit availability. Getting the right man in will make a big difference, of course and I am sure we all await developments.

Finally today, and sadly, a warning.

I have always enjoyed and appreciated your comments on the blog and good debate is always to be encouraged on a topic.

Yet the Daryn Smit v Harvey Hosein discussion is starting to cross the line in what I would deem acceptable comment.  We all know that you have a world-class wicket-keeper against a young local talent and the decision on who plays will always result in some people feeling that the decision is wrong.

Each of us is entitled to an opinion, but the team selection will be made by the senior group of players, who will want to win cricket matches and therefore have the best options available on the pitch. They are professionals, and while I have an opinion, I will usually defer to a professional. I don't call in a joiner or electrician to my house and tell him how to do his job.

A few recent comments have crossed what I would call the line of acceptable comment and brought into question the integrity and professionalism of the players at the club that we all support.

That is wrong.

Yesterday I deleted a comment that was some time in the writing, accordingly lengthy and, in its content, nothing more than a rant which the writer - 'Anon' of course - even mentioned at the end of the piece. I also deleted another that made abusive comments about me, which were not appreciated.

By all means continue to comment, because that is why I continue to write the blog and host it, but if I feel the line has been crossed, I will reserve the right to decline publication. And please avoid the assertion 'I know for a fact', because unless you are inside the club, the bottom line is that you can't. All you know is what a bloke down the pub told you, who was in turn told by someone who was making out he knew something, when he didn't.

We are supporters and, as I have said before, I care not which eleven take the field for us, as long as it gives us the best chance of winning a game. I have my own opinions, because it would be a dull old blog without that, but will not allow this blog to slip into the standard of other forums around the circuit.

Please keep that in mind when posting. Express your opinions, by all means, but please do not insult the professionalism of some very good people at our club, nor make personal comment about them or me, just because their opinion differs from yours.

The bottom line is that they all want the same thing that we do and, crucially, know what is required to get there.

See you soon.


Steve H said...

No problem at all with an extension for Reece. Well deserved after a very promising first season.

Snapper said...

Well said PF I think the club has bigger issues to address than which of the three keep wicket. All three are excellent professionals and will not let the team down.

Anonymous said...

John in Derby
Hi Steve. Very good news about Reece mate. Would agree he has truly earned his new contract deal. Sorry also to hear that people are unable to get a point over without being abusive. Not acceptable on any level. The Smit / Hosein situation is a very emotive subject. I can understand people getting upset. No excuse for abuse never the less. I think people are getting exited about this subject for 2 reasons. 1) They are passionate about Derbyshire cricket. Very commendable! 2) They sense an injustice. I take on board all your points regarding my last post. All of course have merit and well put over as usual. We will just have to agree to differ on this occasion. Whilst I am happy to concede that Smit is the best keeper at this stage. I can not accept based on the facts that he is still the best all round option as first team keeper in the 4 day format. For me, long gone are the days of a specialist keeper. At the end of the Day Harvey is a very good keeper and exceptional for his age. In fact for me his keeping is far better than Smits batting. My biggest issue on this subject is the clubs short term view to this problem. whilst they see Smit as the best option to win games at the moment is not my argument. The guy might be a captaining genius for all we know and a huge help to Billy moving forward. My biggest gripe is we have a young talent, home grown who's development is being thwarted by this short term strategy. Don't get me wrong. I'm as desperate to see us win games as the next long time member. God knows we've seen our fair share of dross over the years. I just feel that in this instance a longer term approach to this issue could be taken. I hope I'm a million miles off with this next statement. Only time will tell. The only way I can see this turning out is our best young player having to leave the club in search of first team opportunities. In my eyes this would be a tragedy. I know your views are aligned closely with the clubs and that's fine. As for it having to be a test ground club, I would have to disagree. Any county would suffice for first team cricket in my opinion. Lets hope I'm miles off with my reading of the situation. Never wanted to be more wrong about something.

Peakfan said...

Cheers John, points well made!

Two comments: just for clarity, I agree with the club here, but always say what I think is right. If I think they are wrong, be assured I will say so!

As for leaving, how many clubs around the circuit have a bad keeper? When Notts and Warwicks are looking for a new keeper this winter, if they thought Harvey was ready now, don't you think they would have moved to take advantage of the situation?

If he develops he will be in demand, but I think he is seen as a talent, but not yet the finished article.

Knack said...

It must be me but I don't get it. HH looks a decent well organized 21yr old but no reason for some of this hysteria. Any talk of a special talent is to my eyes fanciful. I agree with you, I can't see a queue for his signature.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Luis. Been a great signing. Regards overseas seamers who do we reckon would be ideal? A Chris Morris type? Philander would be ideal for me but injury prone. I don’t really follow IPL so have no real idea who will be available. For the domestic seamer imagine it’s a list that includes Azzarullah, Podmore and unlikely but McKerr at least we could offer him regular cricket. Exciting times I love all the speculation. I also think we need another batsmen ideally #3 but not sure I’ve heard kim or billy or anyone mention that.

Anonymous said...

Notts & Warwickshire - perhaps they'll place some faith in their home-grown youngsters first and foremost; Tom Moores and Alex Mellor? Granted, Tom is Peter's son!

I'll have a wager (50p) that they won't be signing mid thirty year olds!

All the very best wishes to Greg Cork and Tom Wood.

malcolm barlow said...

Hi peakfan
Love reading your blog
Reading the excellent bookin their own w ords
Just for fun and. No checking !
I saw i Edwin smith
Score a century do you know the ground and the. Occasion.?
Dr mal barlow

Peakfan said...

I can only assume it was a benefit match or a league match for Chesterfield, Malcolm, as his highest for us was 90, against Nottinghamshire at Ilkeston in 1962.

Took him two hours and like a lot of Edwin's career highlights, is engraved in my mind!

If you saw a ton, where was it?

Peakfan said...

Oh, and thank you for the kind comments!