Saturday, 7 October 2017

Fantasy League results

A little like Derbyshire, I chose the closing weeks of the season to make a surge up the league in the Peakfan Blog Fantasy Cricket League, courtesy of the Telegraph.

Again, like Derbyshire, it moved me away from the bottom of the table to the giddy heights of nineteenth, in a league of 25. Not bad, considering that I only changed the team once all season, having other things to occupy my mind in the first half of the summer. I ended up with most of my substitutes unused in a major tactical error...

Still, I ended up with a galaxy of talent that included Sangakarra, Ballance, Ingram, Mitchell and Collingwood as batsmen, Darren Stevens as all rounder and Abbott, Norwell, Coughlin and Coad as bowlers. I also picked a wicket-keeper who didn't often keep wicket...sigh.

You will note no Derbyshire players in there, largely because in past years it has been to the detriment of form and fitness as soon as their name hits the team sheet.

Anyway, I now have the medals from the Telegraph and am pleased to announce the following winners. Cue drum roll....

Overall winner - Clive Whitmore, who won by a piffling 1600 points and came 30th in the national competition. Dean Doherty was in second place and perennial winner, David Aust, was in third this year.

Runs League - Clive Whitmore, who saw off the challenge of Marc Perni for a second trophy, with Dean Doherty in third.

Wickets League - Dean Doherty, who edged out Clive and Gary Samuels, who was third.

Well done to all of you!

Who was bottom? I couldn't possibly say, but Paul Kirk has some work to do next year ;)

There were some great names - I especially liked Atomic Smiten (David Cooper), Real Ale Madrid CC (Gary Spencer), WakeleyMeUpB4IGogo (Paul Wright), Mambo in Seattle (Chris Hallam) and Clive Whitmore's 'Knott Out for a duck'.

In closing, thanks to all for taking part and if the winners can drop me an email with their address, I will get your medals in the mail.

Next year...there's always next year!

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Gary said...

Just noticed the league was 19th in the competition on the average score - A pretty good effort all round!