Sunday, 26 March 2017

The return of Fantasy Cricket

In answer to several emails, yes I am going to be running Fantasy Cricket again this year.

Yes, I will almost certainly start with a flourish and then peter out around June as I forget that I have substitutes and don't swap out of form players, but it is a service I am happy to provide for all of you who follow the blog - near and far.

The link is on the left hand side of the blog, cunningly titled 'Fantasy Cricket' and you can log in from there.

The PIN is 8031395 and the league name is 'Peakfan Blog Trophy 2017'

Last year David Aust won, after a strong challenge from several others. Come to think of it, he won the year before, too.

Surely it can't be a hat trick?

You have just under two weeks to hone your team and for what it is worth, here's my tip for success...

Don't pick Imran Tahir.


1 comment:

David Aust said...

I take that as a personal challenge - my team will be in shortly!