Monday, 13 March 2017

New deal for Harvey Hosein

The good times keep coming for Derbyshire supporters, with today's news of Harvey Hosein's contract extension to the end of 2019 a welcome pre-season boost.

I have little doubt that Harvey will be a very special cricketer. At the ripe old age of 20, he already looks an outstanding wicket-keeper and an extremely well-organised batsman. All things being equal, he will enjoy a long career with the club and will be a major contributor to a future that looks bright.

As I have said since last season, however, it is unrealistic to expect a young player of such tender years to maintain form and fitness over a six-month period and there will be a point at which he needs a breather. That is where Gary Wilson comes in and Harvey has an excellent mentor in the more experienced Irish international.

He showed at the end of last summer, when he finished with an average of over a hundred, that he has an excellent technique and there could be a scenario where both play, one as a batsman. If the batting fires this year, there are plenty of candidates for such roles, however and Wilson, the vice-captain, will doubtless start as first choice.

His international call ups will see him miss a fair bit of cricket as the summer progresses, so Harvey will not lack opportunity.

I have every confidence that he will take it - like most balls that come his way - with both hands.


Opening Bat said...

In my view this news ranks alongside the signing of Tahir, (I was worried that we had not heard anything about this signature), retaining one of Derbyshires, if not Englands, best young prospects is a massive boost for the next 3 seasons, and shows the continued intent of the Club to develop the young prospects we have within the current set up alongside bringing in good experienced professionals.
Roll on April and hopefully a good summer weather and cricketwise.

Anonymous said...

Great news. Like the post above says I too was worried we hadn't heard anything. I wonder why it took so long. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

notoveryet said...

At risk of sounding like a broken record, I echo the comments of OB and Mark above. Along with the contract extensions of Thakor and Davis, I think this is the most important news of the winter, notwithstanding the recruitment of Tahir and Viljoen. I'm convinced from what I saw in the last month of the season that Hosein is a potential England wicketkeeper, and would have attracted plenty of attention in three weeks time when other counties would have been able to notify their intention to approach him. If we hadn't been able to hold on to him, it would have been a sign that the we weren't valuing our genuinely home-grown talent.

I'm sure that the delay wasn't down to Derbyshire not being sure of his potential, and more likely because he was looking for reassurance about his opportunities and value. If so, it shows the same hard-headed and determined young man that his cricket demonstrates.

It may also throw some light on the nature of further signings. The argument for Smit has rumbled on, but I doubt that Hosein would be staying if his route to the first team was likely to be blocked by another 32 year old wicketkeeper - or that Smit would be prepared to be third in line given his recent comments about wicket-keeping being his main priority.

Everyone seems to be thinking that one of the new recruits will be a Kolpak middle order batsman for all formats. If Marlon Samuels was one of the options being considered, I find it hard to believe that he would have considered committing to a full season even for the £120k he alleged he had been offered, bearing in mind that Viljoen is getting (if Kent's coach is to be believed) £150k. That makes me wonder if what we're looking at is a Kolpak and another overseas for T20 only, and otherwise trusting to the younger batting talent that emerged last year for 4 day matches.

Peakfan said...

Good points as always Notoveryet. Hosein will be one of first choice keepers on merit but Smit will be a very handy player if Wilson is away and he is out of touch or injured, which can always be one catch away.
I wouldn't believe the Kent coach. Such a statement softens their supporters blow at losing him but I doubt we have that money to throw around. I read they never got round to offering him a deal, which suggests a little negligence...
As for T20 I have no idea. Tahir plus one or possibly even two?
We will find out soon...

Steve H said...

I'll not pretend I have the inside track, because I don't, but having played cricket with Harvey and his dad for a couple of seasons at his " nursery club", now that he has signed I will willingly renew a membership, and possibly upgrade. After all, the lure of a couple of custard creams before each game is obviously worth the £300 quid hike 😊