Thursday, 23 February 2017

Marlon Samuels on Kolpak?

Thanks to Luke for alerting me to a piece on Cricinfo tonight, where Marlon Samuels claims that he has a Kolpak deal on offer from Derbyshire.

You can read the piece here but in a lengthy article, the relevant section reads:

"Samuels also revealed that he has been offered a three-year Kolpak deal by Derbyshire worth up to £130,000 a season, fuelling concerns that West Indies could be hit by a spate of international retirements of the sort that recently shocked South African cricket. While it is understood he has indicated a reluctance to accept the deal - he would prefer a deal as an overseas player in county cricket, thereby sustaining his hopes of playing international cricket - he has suggested it remains on the table.

Samuels asserted that, for him, it is loyalty to West Indies that comes first, which was evident in his 17 years' service in Caribbean cricket. "I've got a Kolpak deal on my plate which I'm contemplating," he said. "It's a three-year deal with Derbyshire. Worth probably £120,000-130,000 a year. The money is not the issue at the moment, I've been playing international cricket the last 17 years so have set myself the right way. This is about principle, about being loyal. I've been a loyal soldier for West Indies cricket and continue to play. I showed some loyalty, so I expect a bit of loyalty. I'm only the one from 2000 still here, sticking round and playing for the West Indies." 

Samuels said he was in "no rush" to sign the Derbyshire deal as, after the PSL, he would travel to play another league in Hong Kong and had a "few other deals" in the bag.

Samuels is unlikely to be the only Caribbean player attracting interest from England's first-class counties. Darren Bravo, whose relationship with WICB would appear to be in tatters following a public falling-out with Cameron, is one who is certain to be snapped up if he decides to go that route, while fellow Trinidadian Denesh Ramdin is also understood to be of interest.

Ravi Rampaul, the second highest wicket-taker in this year's Super 50, is already on a Kolpak deal with Surrey, while former West Indies captain Shivnarine Chanderpaul, who was second in the batting averages, has recently signed a similar deal with Lancashire". 

I don't doubt that an offer must have been made to the player, as he can't really go round claiming it otherwise (I would assume). However, the value of the deal seems on the high side and the whole piece smacks of someone playing off one would-be suitor against another.

He obviously wants to continue to play for the West Indies and feels he is worth more than they are offering. So letting them know of another offer - and perhaps exaggerating its worth - is a bargaining tool that has doubtless been used before and will be again.

I have no doubt that there will be a club statement sometime soon, but the news, while exciting, is not going to get me leaping out of my seat at this stage. I would expect the club to be disappointed that a potential target is airing their interest and alerting others to his availability and he makes it clear that he is signing nothing for now.

On top form Marlon Samuels is a very good and talented player. He would also represent a challenge, as his reputation as being his own man precedes him, but definitely, to go back to my piece earlier today, a man who would strengthen the squad.So too, if the article is correct, is Darren Bravo, perhaps a less flamboyant but more solid player who will attract interest around the counties. I am less sure of Ramdin, a competent wicket-keeper/batsman but hardly in the top class.

All in good time, though. I will get excited if and when something happens, but not before.

The good thing is that it further shows the club's ambition.

Watch this space...


Mark N said...

I think if nothing else it shows the powers that be are not totally happy with the batting options which puts to bed a debate we've had on here (in terms of the clubs stance anyway). Like I said on the other thread he is a useful spin option as well. Much to like. The sort of experienced head that would serve us well especially chasing t20 totals like we bottled last season

Ash said...

Surely those figures must be plucked out of thin air? Solves 1 of our questions though, looks like we'll be getting that other batsman then !

Peakfan said...

Yeah, looks that way Ash!

Ash said...

Have we announced a one day captain yet? Perhaps we are looking to bring in a big name player on a kolpak and offer him the captaincy too? Just a thought

Peakfan said...

My understanding is that Billy will skipper in 50 overs as well as 4 day. The T20 captaincy will be down to John Wright when he comes over. For me, Alex Hughes is a good call, but you are right, it may be an incentive for an overseas player wanting a new challenge.

jasper said...

No Marlon then. Probably a good thing - the words loose and cannon spring to mind whenever his name is mentioned. Interesting that we are pursuing this type of signing though. And if the quoted salary is correct then whoever it is needs to perform...

Anonymous said...

Disappointed at all sorts of levels by this, but relieved that Derbyshire have now announced they're not pursuing it. Samuels not the right age for an offer like this, not a good enough player to justify the expense, not the right character or personality to act as a role model.