Friday, 17 February 2017

Board fall out unfortunate

Yesterday, one day after the announcement of Chris Grant's departure, came news that the parting may not have been all that amicable after all.

On BBC Radio Derby last night, departing Business Director, David Booth, said that there was a 'majority feeling' among the surviving Board members that it was time for a change at the top and that there were specific concerns regarding 'right and proper behaviour'  and 'a lack of engagement with business people' with regard to the Chairman.

I know both Chris and David and like both men. Each has worked hard to achieve success in their respective fields  and has done so. Each has made a fine contribution to our cricket club, the chairman's six years falling short of David's near decade of involvement, on first the club committee and then the Board.

Mr Grant refuted the claim and, unless you were party to discussions around that board table and aware of what was going on, I suppose you pay your money and take your choice on which story to believe.

What I will say is that the complete overhaul of the Board came as something of a surprise to me and to change five of its six members in one fell swoop strikes me as excessive, whatever the needs of fulfilling the requirements of governance.

Succession planning can take various forms, of course and perhaps the presence of Jason Fage is deemed sufficient for a smooth transformation, but to have five new faces on a six-person committee, irrespective of the talents of those involved, will take a little time to bed in. They need to get to know one another, then learn how to work together. Talented or not, that takes a little time.

Perhaps the presence of another experienced head may have been beneficial. Indeed, on my chats with Derbyshire supporters and members over recent summers, there have been a few who thought that David Booth might himself have made an admirable chairman. Well respected and well engaged in the local business community and a lifelong fan of the county, there was a strong argument for him taking over the 'hot seat', if only for a two-year term to buy a little more time.

I have no arguments against the incoming chairman, Ian Morgan, who I am sure will do a fine job, as evidenced by his strong CV. Similarly, the other new members of the board are well able to fulfil their roles. That new board is:

Administration Director                     Jason Fage
Business Development Director         Ian Morgan
Facilities Director                               Ian McFarlane
Finance Director                                 Hari Punchihewa
Legal Services Director                      Kirpal Bidmead
Cricket Advisory Director                  Mike Hendrick

My only other comment? As long as Kim Barnett and Mike Hendrick can work well together, the on field stuff should be quite special this summer.

I only hope that there are no more off-field distractions.

We have had more than enough of that at Derbyshire over the years.


Ash said...

I fear that after an excellent winter and all positive news coming from the club is that its all happening again.......this club we support just cannot keep from arguing with itself! We have a strong history of it !

Peakfan said...

People are nominated IF they have the requisite skill set required for the role.

It ensures that the board is less unwieldy than the old committee, when there were good people, but others who largely enjoyed the role but didn't necessarily do all that much.

It is focused and lean, a step forward for sure.