Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Walter's funeral

It has been a long day today, starting with a 4.30am rise and not ending until I get home around 11.30pm tonight, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I wanted to see off the club's legendary groundsman Walter Goodyear, a man who became a friend, and thankfully the Virgin trains ran to schedule and I got there in good time.

It was gratifying to see a good turnout and I would estimate around a hundred people attended the crematorium for a short but personal service.

Fast bowling legend Harold Rhodes spoke very well, from an association and friendship that goes back 60 years. Walter had made his plans clear in advance and the service was opened with Barbra Streisand singing 'Memories' from Cats and ended with the traditional BBC cricket tune, Soul Limbo, a choice that brought a smile to faces.

Afterwards, at the 3aaa County Ground, there were plenty of stories from former players and those who knew him best. Looking out of the Gateway windows, the grass looked good and I think Walter would have approved.

He might have fallen just short of a century, but Walter had a good innings and left behind a lot of people who had only good memories of him.

Not a bad thing to aspire to, I think.

Thanks to a those whose company I enjoyed today. I look forward to seeing you in warmer conditions and happier circumstances as the Spring comes around once more.

And that, as my train thunders on home into a dark and windy night, is that from me for now.


Anonymous said...

Nice write up. Sounds like he had a good send off.

chris Ham said...

I grew up living next door to Walter. At weekends he would take me down the county ground and I would help him round the ground. Joan his wife would get the tea & sandwiches ready for the players & we would take them to the dressing room.
In his seventy's he would ring me up to see if i needed a hand with a wicket. Iv not seen him for over a year but the last time i visited him he made my family welcome give my children chocolate and if I said I had a job on he would of been there. It was nice to see a room full of people who had such respect for him. A good man.
Chris h

Peakfan said...

Lovely memories Chris. Thank you for sharing them.