Thursday, 22 December 2016

John Wright's new album...Red Skies

I was up early this morning and, surfing the net as I tend to do, came across a piece on a new album by our new T20 coach and former player. John Wright.

Yes, you read that right. John has been a keen musician for a number of years and wrote the songs with the assistance of a couple of friends and recorded it in spare time over a couple of years.

You can have a listen to it if you register with Spotify and can hear the album, entitled Red Skies, here

I wouldn't say it will sit alongside some of the classics of my personal collection, but it is a long way from being the worst album I have heard. Indeed, there is some very tasteful playing and some decent lyrics in what is broadly a country music album. 'Last Orders' has a late-period Kinks feel to it, while the guitar work on 'Mot' reminded me of Dire Straits. There are worse comparisons to be had, that's for sure...

'Red Skies' is actually a good 'relationship' song, while my favourite is probably 'Christmas Away Blues', which combines good lyrics with a catchy chorus that I will probably find myself singing over the kitchen sink at some point and try to recall where I heard it.

'Way Back Home' could quite easily be a fairly recent Status Quo song and features some excellent slide guitar playing, while the album closer, 'Pike' is written about the Pike River mining disaster of 2010 and is another with a singalong chorus. It will doubtless resonate with those from a mining community, like me.

I don't see John changing careers or hitting the charts, but as the product of a hobby he can be justifiably proud of the album. I have heard a lot worse from people whose careers are based on music.

Have a listen and enjoy it, as I did.

It is the best album ever released by a Derbyshire cricketer...

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