Monday, 19 December 2016

Academy intake announced

There's another wind of change a-blowing through the 3aaa County Ground, with the announcement today of the Derbyshire CCC Academy for 2017.

The group of young players who have earned selection are between 13 and 17 and the focus would now appear to be shifted to getting the 'cream of the crop' into the club's system as early as possible. It makes sense, even if there is a risk of missing out on one or two players at the top end of their teenage years in so doing.

One has only to look at the winter intake and the arrival of Tom Wood and Charlie McDonnell to see that this age group has much to offer and the late developers have and always will be a part of the cricket scene. There are plenty of examples of this in Derbyshire's rich history, but otherwise it is hard to fault a rationale that should see Kim Barnett and Mal Loye identify and develop the best young talent in Derbyshire and Staffordshire in coaching sites.

The proof will be when the serious stuff starts, of course, and we see the impact that the winter work has on performances and results, but there is plenty to be enthused about since the end of a frustrating - some might say horrible - 2016.

It is hard to believe that we will not see an improvement, given the calibre of recruits and while all counties will probably feel in a good place right now, we have strong cause for optimism (never my weak suit) ahead of 2017.

I am slightly surprised that there has been no follow-up on the Neil Broom story and no official statement from the club, who said on Thursday that they had been in contact with New Zealand Cricket and the player and would make a further statement 'in due course'.

By the same token, I don't expect things to change and am sure that there is work going on behind the scenes with regard to a replacement.


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Knack said...

I played with three rejects , Paul Taylor ( Derbyshire ), Dean Headley ( Worcestershire ) and Tim Minton ( Leicestershire ) who subsequently played for England. Look at very recent Derbyshire players, Mark Footit and Tony Palladino , both rejects ( Durston as well) . I like the look the look of things but apart from Boycott who really knows.