Thursday, 10 November 2016

Midweek update

Winter is fairly starting to bite now, up here in the northern wastelands.

I had to de-ice my car for the first time today and, in the middle of a quiet spell for cricket news, the season seemed a long way off.

Still, the Derbyshire players have reported back for pre-season training and they all look pretty fit after their end of season breaks from the game. Billy Godleman seemes enthused about the new structure and we all await news of the other coaching roles and of a strike bowler.

It was good to see England make a positive start in India, Joe Root maintaining his position (in my eyes) as the world's best all-round batsman. AB de Villiers is the best T20 player and Kane Williamson is an outstanding all-rounder, Virat Kohli a run machine on his own tracks, but I'd take Root as my pick for an all format batsman at present.

On the county front, another South African international, Stiaan van Zyl, has signed a three-year deal with Sussex, who appear to be accepting that Ed Joyce may be moving back to Ireland. The South African is a very good player, but perhaps just short of international standard. I have no doubts that he will get his share of runs for them though and will prove a very canny addition to their resources. He will have to go some to match the prolific Joyce, though, who has been an excellent servant to the club.

Finally, Fidel Edwards has signed another contract with Hampshire, this after his season was ended prematurely with a broken leg sustained in pre-match warm-ups.

I'll be back at the weekend with more news and, hopefully, a book review.


Roy of the Falcons said...

An outsider for the coaching role popped up on my Twitter feed the other day, Robin Peterson. During his year with us as a Kolpac player he was always first out to practice between sessions and gave his all. I noticed he had been doing some player/coaching out in South Africa and the tweet was good wishes upon his retirement as a player.
If he sees coaching as his future then we are certainly a challenge and he fills the age gap that worries me. He as a spin bowler will be of great benefit to the coaching set up.
Anyway the speculation passes to cold winter days.

Roy of the Falcons said...

A very cheap reply I know.

I have just spotted the headline that the Aussie Coach has reached out to Chris Rogers for help solve the problems of their woeful top six.

How about the answer being the Big Bash being the reason?

I say it is a cheap reply because I enjoy the Big Bash and my T20 cricket.

Knack said...

The new fast bowler will be a south African and footitt ain't happy at surrey

Anonymous said...

Any rumours/names Knack or can I ask if the SA link is your guess?

Any chance Footitt may fancy a return to his previous county? Sure there would be a long list of suitors if he could persuade Surrey to release him from his contract early.


Peakfan said...

I have heard several names mentioned Gareth but am a firm believer in allowing the club the glory of announcing the name having done all the work.
If it is a South African on a Kolpak deal, it doesnt help things if names are being mentioned that might potentially embarrass and even jeopardise the deal.
I agree though Knack. It is the logical place to pick someone up.
As for Footitt, he wouldnt be the first to struggle in settling down south...IF it is true.
I doubt we could afford to re-sign Mark and a Kolpak though!

Knack said...

Only 863 new members, or we could crowd fund it

Mark N said...

Interesting post Knack. Guess work or some info? I am hoping we sign that guy from South Africa that was at Kent at the end of last season. Viljeon is it I think? Footitt have always feared he might not settle down there. Would love him back seen as we've never replaced him.

Peakfan said...

Viljoen is a very good player Mark with an excellent record. He has been mentioned before, but there'd be a long list of suitors were he to 'go Kolpak'.

I'd be very happy with him, but it is all conjecture ar this stage. The Footitt 'story' is just that at this stage and has not been verified, to my knowledge.

Footitt and Viljoen does enter the realms of cricketing fantasy fulfilment though. They would make a seriously quick attack!