Saturday, 26 November 2016

AJ Harris leaves as county start afresh

So now we know that Derbyshire will start next summer with a completely new coaching set up, with the news that AJ Harris has left the club to 'pursue other opportunities'.

He did a good job, but there was a strong feeling that the new broom of Kim Barnett was going to sweep clean and that the post holders in the new structure would be new men.

So it has transpired and one assumes that the announcement of the new roles may well come this week.

One to keep an eye on, for sure.

The fixtures duly came out yesterday and the season now takes place in largely-defined 'chunks'. If you want to watch 50-over cricket, you'll be doing so in your warmer clothes, as the group stage is done by the end of May. Meanwhile, July and early August is almost wholly given over to T20, with no four-day cricket between July 6 and August 6.

I will be working out when I can make matches over the coming weekend, but the championship season seems odd, with no away trips to Leicestershire and Worcestershire and no home games against Gloucestershire and Sussex. Little in the way of out grounds too, alas, unless the T20 against Lancashire is played at Blackpool, which appears a possibility.

I do hope to make part of the Chesterfield Festival this year, something I have planned for a year or two, while the rest will be when the cricket being played justifies the long trip, unless it is combined with a break to see family.

Time to work that out though, with 131 sleeps to go before the first action.

I'll be back soon.


jasper said...

Very disappointed that the Yorks t20 at Queen's Park has been moved from a Sunday to Saturday. Don't they know I play cricket on a Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Should be a busy time. As kim Barnett had said he wanted the coaching roles sorted by the new year. Interviews have been ongoing one has to assume. Plus the announcement of a strike bowler and a second t20 player. Hopefully some news will be incoming soon. We've had a very good start to the winter. Key that we keep that going now. I am sure the club are doing everything they can.

Anonymous said...

Re potential new signings I just saw this on Chris Grants twitter feed when asked about more new signings
"In the pipeline. One signed and just waiting on clearance to get the news out"

daisypod said...

ill second that!,
all good positive stuff