Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Slater deal completes the set for Derbyshire

A day after Alex Hughes signed a new contract with Derbyshire, comes the equally excellent news that Ben Slater has signed a new two-year deal that, like most of the others, keeps him at the club until the end of 2018 at this stage.

It has been good work by the club. All of the young talent have signed new deals and they will have a chance to develop together. I hesitate to say 'win together' as picking up trophies becomes an increasing challenge and will be dependent on much more than fielding a bunch of youngsters, however promising.

Ben started the season out of the side but forced his way in through weight of runs and was brilliant in the RLODC. I have said from the first time I saw him that he reminded me of Neil Fairbrother in his busy manner of batting. None of us would complain if he 'topped out' at that level.

He is the latest to suggest excitement at the club's ambition, suggesting that the players have an idea of our winter targets and they are some way above run of the mill players.

The only seniors who currently look likely to play a regular part for us next year are Billy Godleman, Wayne Madsen and Gary Wilson. Whether Tony Palladino is reserved more for matches when conditions suit him, rather than being flogged on flat tracks, will largely depend on who we sign in the coming months. We need a couple more at least, with Neil Broom's return to these shores in better nick being important too.

It was interesting to read today that Daryn Smit has started the South African domestic season with the Dolphins batting at three and registering another century. He's not got the gloves either, Morne Van Wyk taking that role, so his leggies may get an airing later in the game. I've no idea whether Derbyshire have ever been serious about signing him, or whether he was simply keeping for our second team as we had no one else, but he's a heck of a cricketer and keeps scoring truck loads of runs. Not sure that there's too many people around and available with such a CV...

Finally today, Warwickshire have parted company with Dougie Brown, despite winning the RLODC only a few weeks ago. It shows the unforgiving nature of professional sport, although the club's concern over a lack of emerging academy talent, coupled with mounting debt, seems to be an issue.

Ashley Giles is tipped to return to the club where he made his name, apparently frustrated with criticism from a minority of supporters. I can't think of anywhere you won't get that, to be honest, so maybe a move home is at the crux of it all.

More from me soon.


Mark said...

If only we'd have held on for a week, Dougie Brown would've been ideal at Derbyshire. All hindsight i know Peakfan. Good news that we've tied down Hughes and Slater, now for the new signings.

Peakfan said...

Nowt to stop Brown applying for the roles at Derbyshire. My understanding is that Barnett's role is signing players, contracts and managing coaches.
If Brown wished to apply for a role under him he could do...

Roy of the Falcons said...

When Kim Barnett makes his opening speech to the players he will sound like a secondary school headmaster addressing a group of fourth years. "You have an important two years ahead of you." ( Sorry I don't know equivalent in the new year groups)
As the majority of our youngsters now have contracts which end in 2018 we will be able to see who is going to make it in the competitive world of professional cricket. Let's hope that many of them will make it and in doing so they will bring many match winning displays.
Yes we need a couple of seasoned players to bring some maturity and guidance In key areas but we have a lot to cheer for.
I also like the idea of the some of the youngsters going overseas this winter this will give them opportunity to develope their skills in a playing environment and hopefully come back learning what it is like to win.
It's now over to headmaster Kim and his pupils.

Anonymous said...

Smit tweeted a while back that he was available in April 2017 when asked a question about if he was eligible for the first team. He did end it with a ? but I would say there is something in this link. Back up spinner who can play as a batsmen sounds good to me. Yes we need a number 1 spinner but he would be a good option

Mark said...

Unless he's had a more lucrative offer elsewhere. I'd suspect that's the case Peakfan.

Gary said...

He did also tweet last week to someone that 'they' had signed Gary Wilson so assumed that door is now shut so am guessing he was not offered anything.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Gary. I was hoping we would sign him. Unless we sign him as a batsmen who can be a back up spinner as I think we could do with another batsmen as we can't afford to carry anyone next season. If Broom doesn't score runs we are lacking there with depth. It's a shame he tweeted that. Oh well. Onwards and upwards.