Saturday, 22 October 2016

Enjoyable break and a catch up with friends

That was a lovely couple of days in Lancashire, closely followed by two that have been well-enjoyed back home in God's own county.

Southport and Liverpool have two thriving cricket societies and it was a delight to meet and chat to some very nice people. They seemed interested in what I had to say, laughed in the right places and had plenty of questions at the end.

It is fair to say that when the subject got around to the city-based T20 competition there were few supporters. Probably fairer still to say that you could have counted them on the fingers of one hand over two nights combined...

They were traditional cricket fans and both knew and loved their cricket. Questions came thick and fast and there was great interest in the appointment of John Wright, our signing of Luis Reece and the fortunes of Matt Critchley, who hails from those parts.

Then down into Derbyshire and a chance to catch up yesterday with the legend that is Edwin Smith and his lovely wife, Jean. They both looked very well after a recent holiday and it was a delight to be able to tell them that my book on his life and career is now officially sold out, the final copies being sold en route.

Today I also had the chance of a couple of hours with Walter Goodyear. He's 99 and nine months now and still as fascinating to listen to as he has been through his days. Listening to him talk pitch preparation and tell tales of his time at the club is a constant joy.

We got to talking about John Wright, 'a lovely fella' and Walter was delighted to see his return to the club. It struck me that there were three anniversaries next summer - John's return to the club will be 40 years since he first walked into it as overseas player; I will enjoy my fiftieth summer as a supporter of the club and Walter - well, he could reach one of the best centuries in the club's history.

Keep your fingers crossed.

It would be really special.


Anonymous said...

Well Will Gidman has left Notts. Just have to persuade him to not join Kent and that it would be better to stay closer to his ex-club. ;)


Old Supporter said...

I wonder if Mehedi or Shakib could be tempted to leave the oppressive heat of Bangladesh for the cooler climes of the County Ground in April. Does John Wright have any contacts there?

Peakfan said...

To be fair that would be Kim Barnett's job as John is doing T20.

Shakib a fine player but Mehedi would be a risk as an inexperienced player on foreign tracks. Worse ideas though!

Anonymous said...

Will Gidman would be a no brainer surely. That experience we need. He wouldn't need to move house. Kent would be a big relocation. Fingers crossed we might be interested. If we signed Gidman, a spinner and a strike bowler we would be well set. I doubt we can fill the bowling berths domestically but an overseas and a kolpak would be best bet

Anonymous said...

Would Gidman be better than what we have? He'd fill the all rounder slot and we already have Shiv as number 1 all rounder and Tom Milne who did well at the end of the season?

Anonymous said...

Averages 40 with the bat I think I read. Would happily Madsen bat at 3 like he has done before. Broom at 4 like he did today scoring 93 for his NZ side. Thakor and Gidman at 5 or 6 respectively. Keeper 7. Gives us an extra bowling option.

Anonymous said...

Would love Gidman at Derbyshire but rumour has it that it is already a done deal at Kent. Shame that!! :( Would have been an excellent signing for us.