Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Derbyshire v Glamorgan day 4

Glamorgan 377 and 87-2

Derbyshire 345

Match drawn

I decided today that, as a fairly recent owner of a puppy, I was going to commemorate the arrival of Wallace with a cricket award. The winner, even at this early stage of the season, of the inaugural PUP (Peakfan's Utterly Pointless) Award will be today's cricket.

Last night, when Derbyshire continued to bat after the dismissal of Wayne Madsen, I felt that an opportunity for a result had gone. When we came back out to bat at six o'clock it seemed even more likely and that was confirmed this morning, when Tom Poynton and Andy Carter took their last wicket stand to 56, before the latter was dismissed for a career-best 39.

I understand that Derbyshire wanted to make a game of it on the last day, but the visitors were unwilling to do so. I get that, having lost their first game under a new coach. In addition, the timing of a declaration was always going to be problematic, when it was far from clear how much of the day would be lost to the weather. Still, all that was left was an utterly meaningless last day of cricket that carried the spectator value of watching someone cut their toenails.

To be fair to Derbyshire, they maintained focus and both Luke Fletcher and Wes Durston bowled good spells. Fletcher removed Kettleborough with one he left that bowled him, while Durston had Bragg leg before with a decision that the batsman patently disagreed with.

So long did he linger, in fact, that he will be lucky to avoid censure. His look back at the umpire and louder than it should have been oath as he walked off were both telling and unnecessary. I understand frustrations in the game, but when you play at any level of it for a while, you realise that sometimes they go your way too.

I left as very obvious storm clouds gathered over the ground. Perhaps it was nature's way of putting us all out of our misery, although I may well have gone anyway. I rarely leave a game of cricket before the day's last ball has been bowled, but today was nothing more than a glorified net session and I am not that desperate for entertainment.

On the up side, it was good to see Billy Godleman heading to the nets and returning with a smile on his face, presumably an indicator that it went well. Pop's next decision is, I assume, who partners him at Northampton on Sunday.

So it is back to Scotland for me tomorrow. My next trip down will hopefully see better weather (it couldn't be worse!) and a 'proper' game of cricket. It is a shame, as the three previous days had contained much to admire and enjoy, if not the weather...

As for that award, I will have a chat with Wallace, our fox terrier, when I get home tomorrow.

I'm sure he can come up with something appropriate...


Mark said...

Wow, what a dull start to the season. Two games where we've been nowhere near a positive result. Like you say Peakfan I really hope we get some wickets that will benefit the bowlers, otherwise it will be a dreadful summer of cricket.

Tim, Chesterfield said...

Dull maybe but that's primarily down to the conditions. Too cold for the ball swing etc etc not to mention huge amounts of time lost. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt please.

Peakfan said...

Exactly...the point made in tonights piece. There are bowlers in the team who have taken wickets before and will long as not nullified by roads masquerading as wickets...