Monday, 19 October 2015

Pringle story gets crisp response from Derbyshire

From the press release that emanated from the club today, it would appear that Ryan Pringle - or perhaps, more specifically, his agent, may not be flavour of the month in Derby right now.

I have to admit that I was surprised to read of our supposed 'signing' of the player from a newspaper report on Saturday. The club normally conduct their business discreetly and professionally, so to see a new player announced through another source was a surprise. The only precedent was when an Indian news agency announced that Cheteshwar Pujara had signed for the club, a day or so ahead of the club releasing the news themselves. That was more credible though - and at least turned out to be true.

 I suspect that the player's agent has attempted a little leverage on the current employers by releasing the 'news', which is a little naughty, but probably not at all innovative. Interest from other counties is an obvious tactic to use in contractual negotiations, but can also be a dangerous game, if the current employer haven't made up their minds on your future.

Being in the public domain, as it was, I reported on it, but am sure my concerns as to the veracity of the information were obvious to those reading it. So it transpired and we must wait for news of further team strengthening, which it will in its own sweet time.

Truth be told, I am increasingly selective of the news agencies that I believe. The news feeds to which I subscribe (not pay for!) contain many wild and woolly stories to entice people into reading, then their laptops and tablets are bombarded with a gazillion adverts they hope you will click onto.

As the club rightly said today, the time to believe a signing is when it is announced on their site, until which time it can really only be conjecture and supposition.

Just wait until you read of our signing AB de Villiers for the T20 though...

And be aware, if you read it on here, that it may just be April 1st.

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Roy of the Falcons said...

We had a similar story leaked when Paul Colingwood was coming up to the end of his contract a few years ago. Derbyshire are the first second division team when you travel south from Durham so we add a little bit of credibility to the story. Roy of the Falcons.