Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Midweek musings

Good news once more from Derbyshire this week, with Will Davis and Rob Hemmings signing contracts for next summer.

The former is better known, his debut against the Australians being highly impressive. He seems likely to break through over the next couple of summers and, bowling with good pace, appears to have a fine future.

Hemmings is less well known, but scored consistently in the summer just ended, as well as taking useful wickets with his medium pace. The emergence of these players is good to see and while both have much work to do, they provide further proof of the county's coaching network producing the goods. The next step is for them, and others, to become established county players and that will be more of a test .

In other news, Hamish Rutherford's call up to the New Zealand test Test squad has attracted attention, though it is as part of a squad of fifteen  with no guarantees that he will play. That he is on the edge of the side will be an encouragement to a fine batsman and give him every incentive to do well for us next summer.

Both he and Neil Broom appear to be in good form at the start of the New Zealand summer and I expect both to play a major part for us next summer in a side that should prove far more consistent with the bat.

Finally tonight, is there anyone else bored rigid by the Test in Dubai? I reckon I could make runs on that wicket after two years without holding a bat. Such wickets do little for the cause of the international game and the thought of another three days of such tedium doesn't thrill me.

Its minimal appeal to the crowd appears fairly clear too, given that you need to look close to spot anyone. It is poor fare and looking like a nailed on draw, even at this early stage.

More from me soon.

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Mark said...

A test in Abu Dhabi is enough in itself to put me off Peakfan, absolutely no interest shown in that country. As an aside, I bought a Derbyshire handbook 1984 and was amazed to see Chesterfield host five championship games that season. When and why did one of the most beautiful grounds in the country fall out of fashion?. Reduced to just a week now, real shame.