Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fantasy update

With one round of games to go, the jostling for position in the Fantasy League continues apace.

To be fair, it doesn't really, as David Aust can use this week's games for a final lap of honour run backwards, three thousand points clear. Unless the chasing pack find three players scoring triple centuries and taking ten wickets, his place as winner of the league seems assured. David is also 26th in the overall Telegraph league, a fantastic achievement.  The win is assured, 'tis just the margin at this point...

In second and third place, with only 170 points between his two teams, is Dean Doherty, who did very well last year too and is some 1800 points clear of Matthew Entwistle's two sides in fourth and fifth place. Robert Tomlinson may nick in between his sides, as could James Keyworth, with a good week.

As for me, I languish in 16th place mediocrity, flirting with the relegation zone, which is pretty much my annual performance. Just reward, I think, for using my players by July and forgetting about it until a fortnight before the season-end...

Dean - could you send me an email to the usual address please - something I wanted to ask you - not hints on team selection, for the record!

The medals have arrived, the ceremony can take place in the coming week. If any of the potential winners are likely to be at Derby for the last four days of the season, please let me know...

Well done to everyone and thanks for your involvement.

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