Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Andy Carter signs

Yes. I get this signing and see much merit in it.

Andy Carter is a good bowler. Tall, aggressive - an in your face bowler with good averages and of an age where he should kick on, with coaching and support from Graeme Welch, together with the fitness work that has transformed the career of another Trent Bridge old boy, Mark Footitt. He can bowl accurate bouncers and yorkers and is quick enough to have the batsmen hopping around - what's not to like?

At 27, our Ginger Warrior Mark 2 has much to offer a young attack. He has proven in the past that he can take wickets, but has not managed to stay fit for long enough to do it in sufficient quantities. 91 wickets at 27, plus good one-day and T20 strike rates and averages, suggest that this could prove a very shrewd piece of business by Derbyshire.

He has the extra years of experience the young brigade lack, suggesting that he could be a focal point of the attack and allow the youngsters to come in and out of the side as their form and fitness allows. He bowled very well against us for Glamorgan on loan this summer, taking four wickets, and has proven a handful on wickets giving any help. His stint in Wales was impressive and he took four wickets in an innings in three successive matches for them, before returning to Trent Bridge.

I also like the quick way in which business has been conducted. Sign him up and get him into the training and fitness work so he is ready for next season. Smooth...

He is a bowler I have always rated, despite the team he has played for.

Now he's a Derbyshire player and next season's jigsaw starts to take shape.


Anonymous said...

Lancs fan here again.

Carter's a very good bowler. I would have been very happy to have seen him at Lancs. If you can keep him fit he's easily Division One standard and he's earned England Lions honours in the past when he was fit and if he gets a full season I can easily see it happening in the future.

Just worth mentioning that according to Notts, he turned down a new contract there in favour of Derbyshire, so this isn't a lad who has been rejected or released by your neighbours. They wanted to keep him (and quite rightly in my view).

Very good bit of business by Derbyshire.

Stephen Malkin said...
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richard said...

seems to have inferior stats to a player we had "no choice" but to let go last week.
Carter has a worse injury record.
Carter has missed four full seasons out of the last five .
Shrewd? totally illogical in my opinion.
Please would someone make a direct comparison , in terms of no. of appearances, wickets, and runs with Jon Clare.

Peakfan said...

The difference is that Carter is fit and, be assured, Derbyshire will have had him thoroughly vetted by their medical and physio teams. He is a different kind of player to Clare.
I assume you're not suggesting we should have kept Jon, with his injury record?
Carter missed one season, and had niggles in others, his record strikingly similar to Mark Footitt, which turned out pretty well.
He is on a two-year deal and, in my opinion, could take 50 wickets if we keep him fit.