Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Putting a result in perspective...

I don't know how good Cambridge MCCU are in comparison to their equivalents around the country, but I wouldn't have thought there would be that much between them.

That being the case, our demolition of them inside two days was all the more impressive, since almost all the other games ended in high-scoring, three day draws. There were some impressive performances among them too, with a sprinkling of centuries. Cambridge, quite simply, didn't get into it, or more to the point, we didn't allow them to.

Our Sunday opponents, Lancashire, didn't terrify Leeds/Bradford, even allowing for time lost to the weather and the momentum lies with Derbyshire ahead of that game.

Below yesterday's post, Paul asked if I thought we should have batted again and set them a gazillion to win, giving opportunities to those who had less time in the middle in the first innings.

No, is my short and sweet answer. An hour in the nets back at Derby would probably be of equal merit to facing that attack, probably more so, even allowing for the value of batting in the middle. There was little to worry about to be honest. Slater has been in top nick and simply feathered one down the leg side, Durston batted well and holed out on the boundary and Hughes got a second baller, which can happen to anyone. Again, though, he has been in top pre-season form and I have no concerns about him. Importantly, neither does Graeme Welch.

For me, they showed they could put a side under pressure and that Wayne Madsen has enough bowling to allow short spells and keep people fresh. There is sufficient variety in the seamers to allow something for most wickets and, at the end of it all, a win is a win. Beating anyone with a day to spare sends out a message. Being 750 on, when the game ends in a draw does very little.

Old Brucie used to say points mean prizes. In cricket, wickets mean points and we took fifteen in less than a day, after scoring over 500 on day one.

Seriously, you have to be impressed. But the skirmishes are over.

The battles will soon commence.


mark said...

What bigger test than Lancy for the first championship game, really looking forward to it.

mark said...

Just read that Lancashire have signed Aussie James Faulkner to replace Siddle. Good bit of business for them I reckon. Going to be a real tough start for us.