Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Interesting tweets from 3aaa County Ground

There were two interesting tweets emanating from the home of cricket (not that one) today.

The first, which caused slight consternation, quoted Wayne Madsen as saying that Tillakaratne Dilshan is going to bring the X Factor to Derbyshire. I'd never realised that he was the Sri Lankan Simon Cowell and had visions of Graeme Welch and his coaches at a team selection meeting, calling in a young batsman.

"You've had a rollercoaster of a season so far. It's been an incredible journey that you've had and I'd like to thank you for your commitment. We couldn't have asked for more, but as you know, we've a game coming up and there's tough decisions to be made...

I know you wanted more than anything to get into the side and bat at five, shoring up the middle order for us. But I've got some bad news."

(camera focuses on gulping Adam's apple and eyes filling up)

"You're not going to bat number five. I'm really sorry."

(bottom lip trembles and tear rolls slowly down cheek of the batsman)

"You're going in at number THREE!!!!"

(Cue emotional music and hugs all round as we all realise what a load of guff it really is)

Thankfully it was news that Dilshan's skills will bring something different to the side, an assertion it is hard to argue with. Worry ye not about his duck against South Africa today. The man is a class act.

I'm still buzzing with the Dilshan news , so much so that I can now spell 'Tillakaratne' without having to double check the spelling. It is exciting stuff and to have both Martin Guptill AND the Sri Lankan ace really is spoiling us.

The other tweet today came from the chairman, saying that 'we will be announcing the next piece of our overseas player jigsaw tomorrow morning'.

There are two things there. The first is that it specifically says 'next' and not 'final'. My guess is that it will be the announcement of the 'death' bowler and confirms my assertion last night that we will have someone to cover the July period when Dilshan goes away.

Having thought more about it today, I am convinced that the new man will be from Australia. A number of bowlers impressed me in the Big Bash, so there are a few out there, while those on the fringe of the Ashes party will be keen to impress. The only other countries with feasible options (New Zealand and South Africa) will be touring here in one instance and have their best bowlers resting after the IPL in the other. Indians aren't allowed to play, the best Pakistan players are signed and there aren't many elsewhere I can think of. So...

The identity will be revealed in due course - and I'll be checking my phone for news early tomorrow, as I'm sure you will. 

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