Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Good news continues from Dubai

By any standards
this has been a terrific tour for Derbyshire.

Asked to bat on the first day of a two-day match, we ran up a not inconsiderable 276-3 by tea, Wayne Madsen making a fine hundred and Harvey Hosein (pictured) a highly impressive 92, with sixteen fours.

In reply, Worcestershire reached 103-2, with a wicket each for Tom Taylor and Wayne White.

The skipper's hundred had an air of inevitability about it. He is such a good player that his duck in the first innings of the tour came as an eye-opener, but he has been unbeaten in two innings since and will again, as he has been in recent summers, be the key man in our batting line up. Rarely in my experience has an English-qualified batsman (as he now is) exuded such an air of authority at the crease as Madsen, whose calm, unhurried demeanour at the crease is always a pleasure to watch.

As for Hosein, he looks an astonishing talent. Still only eighteen, his glove work is assured but his batting appears to have the potential of something special. Good judges were very impressed by the serenity of his half century off the Indian tourists last summer and he is another of the young brigade to throw down the gauntlet to a senior player and say 'I want that place'.

It is wonderful to see. Tom Poynton made good runs in the opening T20 of the tour and will probably be seen as the senior man, but Hosein looks set to push him all the way, which can only be good for both players and for the side as a whole.

Let's not forget that Worcestershire are a division one side this year, although I suspect they will find it tough to hang on to that status, especially if Moeen Ali is retained in the England setup.

Derbyshire will be doing everything to join or replace them in the top tier of 2016 and have done little wrong at this stage in that quest.

Very, very impressive.


SPENNO said...

I am expecting Lancashire to win division 2 this year due to their depth in batting strength and the fact that they have the best spin bowler in the division in Kerrigan, not forgetting the late addition of Peter Siddle. Surrey, Northants and Derbyshire to battle out for second. Essex will struggle due to players being away on international or IPL duty.

Sam said...

A few months ago I suggested that Hosein should start ahead of Poynton in the championship, and this knock today has done nothing to make me think otherwise. He's a serious talent with both bat and gloves and needs to be put in the side to improve further. If it did prove too much too soon we've got a more than able back up in Poynton, whose main contribution I see being in t20 and 50 over cricket.

Interesting too that while we have 2 very good young keepers, Notts feel the need to import one from Zimbabwe on a kolpak deal. If Mike Newell is serious about having just one east midlands academy, I can think of one place it definitely shouldn't be!

Peakfan said...

Think your summation is fair Spenno, but depends who gets a start and momentum. Neither Surrey nor Lancs should be in division two with their budgets, which suggests that they aren't often firing as teams. Northants I see as a team in transition and who will have their good and very bad days...
Sam - I find it hard to call between the two keepers. That is testimony to both - Poynton how he has come back from serious injury and Hosein because he is wonderfully, precociously talented yet a very level-headed lad. Whichever way Welch goes will get no complaints from me as they will be in on merit, but both will be well aware that they need to maintain a high standard to keep their place.

Peakfan said...

Sorry Sam - meant to add that I suggested Taylor as a potential overseas of talent for someone but you will see my thoughts on Notts picking him up as a Kolpak.
Does make you wonder if they have any young batting talent - I am not sure if I'd want a lad of mine on their academy. It's like being at Chelsea or Manchester City in the youth team...