Monday, 26 January 2015

Guptill returns for 2015

You read it right folks. The Gup is back...!

Martin Guptill will join up with Derbyshire for the first six weeks of the season, when he will play six County Championship and three T20 games.

It's a great start to the week, so good it inspired me to burst into song. Ahem....

Monday, Monday, so good to me
Marty Guptill's heading back to DCCC
Oh Marty Guptill, Marty Guptill almost guarantees
That come the season we'll be flying up the league...

With apologies to the Mamas and Papas and thanks to those at the club who made this happen.

More from me later.

Keeping up the musical theme, the boy is back in town.

Enjoy your Monday!

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