Monday, 26 January 2015

Blog reaches 750,000 landmark

Sometime tonight, the blog will pass three-quarters of a million views.

There's not much I can say apart from 'thank you' to everyone who keeps checking in. My apologies for things slowing down a little in recent weeks, but normal service should be resumed from here.

I'm pleased that the landmark will arrive on the day that we re-signed Martin Guptill, which makes it all the more memorable and hope that the coming months mark a fantastic season for Derbyshire, as well as for the blog. At the recent rate of summer usage, hitting the million mark this calendar year is not beyond the realms of possibility.

Thanks also to those who come to the blog through Sportskeeda, where more than half a million hits have been registered. If you enjoy the blog, please tell your friends and encourage them to get involved, to read and to comment.

Special thanks to the sponsors over the last few years and especially to Office Care, whose support has meant a great deal and for me took the 'look' of the blog to a new level of professionalism for which I am very grateful.

Back soon!

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