Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tom Knight signs new deal

After witnessing a dominating performance by Derbyshire yesterday, news comes this morning that all-rounder Tom Knight has signed a new one-year deal.

It is gratifying news. While Tom has hardly featured as a bowler this year and his action is in the process of being remodelled, his batting has come on remarkably and there have been several explosive innings at all levels of the game.

The player is a game-changer with the bat and I assume that the award of only a one-year deal, rather than the two offered to other players, recognises that his bowling is a work in progress. Coaches wouldn't tinker with a bowler's action unless they had identified a flaw that would prevent that player getting good players out. I can only assume that while Knight was a bowler capable of controlled spells in one-day cricket, a change to his action may result in his being a match-winning bowler in the longer game. Such a move earlier in his career may have worked wonders with Jake Needham, always a good one-day bowler but less able to take advantage of friendly tracks where he needed to bowl sides out.

I will await news of his winter work with interest.

Knight at his best would be a potent addition to any Derbyshire side.

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Marc said...

I was under the impression Knight was already contracted to 2015. Obviously I was wrong. I hope he continues to make progress and he returns as a bowler who can genuinely compete for a starting place.

His batting is coming along nicely and he is a much improved fielder.At 21 he still has time on his side,though a one year contract perhaps reflecting there are still some concerns as to his overall development.