Thursday, 11 September 2014

Glamorgan v Derbyshire day 3

The end of the game came pretty much as was expected. The winning of the toss proved crucial and Derbyshire ended up losers in a game where each innings was less than the one that preceded it.

We did well this morning to take the last five wickets in jig time, but in doing so the likelihood of our making the required winning total lessened. A total of over 250 was akin to climbing Everest in carpet slippers.

We didn't get close and there is little point in grumbling unduly. There were some very good batsmen in this match and none of them got going, something that tells its own story. The stand of Cooke and Wagg on the first day proved decisive and fair play to them for that.

It was not the baptism that Cheteshwar Pujara would have hoped for, but he will learn from the experience. Were he to rattle off centuries on moribund tracks it would prove little and it is unrealistic to expect him to handle such a track when people better prepared for them cannot.

The winning streak has ended but the season has not. A few net sessions and it will be time to get it going again.

Heads up, lads.


Albert said...

Two sides whose strengths lie in their bowling play out a low scoring game is to be expected. Positive that White seems to have added to the bowling unit and the bowling restricting a team to those scores should be enough for victory in most games. On the other side, Champ batting still a major issue. 2 tons all year from top 6 tells it's own story.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else seem the tweet by Gareth Cross saying he'd enjoyed his time at Derbyshire and good luck to them for the last two games? Debut for Hosein?

Chris in Crewe.

Marc said...

I,m not so sure I necessarily expected it ending the way it did. Having dismissed Glamorgan quite quicky, a target of 250 on the third day would seem a reasonable one to attain in many people,s eyes.

Would we have taken defeat so lightly if we were a couple of points outside the top two?. Hogan is a good bowler but outside of him the Glamorgan attack is no more than average,which is partly the reason they are down where they are. If Durston could produce a decent innings then why couldn,t anyone else?.

Let,s see how they respond at the Oval. It will need to be much better if we are to avoid a similar result. Interesting about Cross,if it,s true. I,m now convinced there is little point in retaining him. Welch must be the only person standing who still believes Cross is a number 7 batsman. He,s done a job for us and that should not be forgotton but I don,t think we should persist with him beyond this season.

Peter Kobryn said...

Hopefully this result will be a useful reality check.

The very enjoyable and promising improvement in performances in the recent part of the season have been hugely encouraging but this is a reminder that there is work to do if next season is going to be a success