Sunday, 6 April 2014

From Adam Poynton..

I've had over four thousand comments since starting this blog, but this morning received one from Adam Poynton, Tom's brother, which I can unashamedly say moved me to tears. It came in response to my earlier piece.

I reproduce it below. No further words are necessary.

Thank you Adam.

I have always been an avid reader of your blog ever since my brother started at Derbyshire many years ago.  My father and mother whilst never admitting it to me, were also avid followers.  I say this because it's so hard for a parent to read criticisms about their child but also because when things are going well the amount of pride that is generated is overwhelming.  It's not easy to be a parent of a professional sportsman but believe me when I say this there will not be another one like my Dad.

You have talked of greatness and there is no other word that best describes my dad.

The support we are receiving from the DCCC family is second to none. Tom is at home with us and receiving the best medical care that is available.

It's so hard to thank everybody who has sent us messages of support but they really do help us try to come to terms with this tragic situation.  It's quite unbelievable how many lives my father touched with his kindness and caring nature. He will never be forgotten by those who knew him. We received a card this morning from a family who's son my dad coached and he left a message in the card saying 'A Perfect Man - Someone you aim to be like'. Is there any more words that you could be proud of than that from a 17 year old aspiring cricketer?

I would like to make a special thank you to James Pipe, Simon Storey and Kerry Schofield from the club. As a family I do not know where we would be without their amazing support, which not only  supports Tom but also the rest of us.

Derbyshire make a big thing about being a tight knit 'cricket family' but at times like this you really do realise how cricket brings people together.

Thank you so much for your kind words Peakfan, my dad would have been genuinely blown away to realise what people thought about him.

Adam Poynton

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