Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Derbyshire v Durham UCCE day one

Of course the opposition was hardly from the top drawer of domestic cricket, but the old adage of only being able to beat who is in front of you rang true at the 3aaa County Ground today.

Having bowled out the Durham UCCE for just 67 runs in 26 overs, Derbyshire proceeded serenely to 283-3 by the close, with Moore, Godleman and Madsen all getting more valuable time in the middle (and runs).

Importantly, the old master and the young pretender in Messrs Chanderpaul and Hughes were still together at the close and the prospect of Chesney batting with and learning from one of the game's greats promises to be one of the joys of the season. Shiv takes batting against them just as seriously as he does anyone else, as evidenced by his scoring rate, but he and we will benefit from his time in the middle and it would be good to see both players press on tomorrow.

Earlier, all the bowlers enjoyed a good and successful workout and there appeared to be good discipline in the Derbyshire bowling, which is something I like to see. More so than their opponents, who racked up a half century in extras before the close in an act of unnecessary profligacy. Tim Groenewald (pictured) laid down an early marker with five wickets in an impressive display

Another century (and a half) stand for Stephen Moore and Billy Godleman was good to see and both should be full of confidence ahead of our first championship match at the weekend. Meanwhile the skipper went for forty, but his pre-season form has been good and Derbyshire could hardly have hoped to be in better shape ahead of the business proper.

There was more good news at Oxford, where the University side there bowled out Nottinghamshire for just 237, our own Johny Marsden taking the wicket of Chris Read in the course of an underwhelming innings by our local rivals.

It made for a satisfying day all round and we can only hope for more of the same tomorrow. I hope we see some of the all-important lower middle order get some time at the crease, as there will be plenty of times this summer when their contributions are crucial to the result of the game.

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Marc said...

In a championship fixture we would all accept a day like yesterday with open arms. Bowlers taking wickets and batsmen scoring runs;a recipe for success in anyone,s book.

As you say Peakfan,you can only beat what is in front of you but i,m sure there are club sides better equipped than Durham. In some ways an ideal game before the season proper. It can,t do anyone any harm to add a few runs and wickets to their name,if only from a confidence perspective.

If time in the middle is valuble,it was curious decision to opt to bowl,to say the least. Did we over estimate our opponents or underestimate ourselves?. Perhaps Madsen was thrown off guard by winning the toss so early in the season. Unless the weather interrupts play,I think we can safely cancell the sandwiches for day three.

Peakfan said...

I think they approached it as any other match, Marc. In the conditions of yesterday they would bowl 99 times in a hundred so playing the game as they plan to was the rationale.
Sound, too. They knew they'd be batting soon enough in more conducive conditions...