Friday, 20 December 2013

Stephen Moore signs to fill key county void

The signing of South African-born former England Lion Stephen Moore, announced today on Cricinfo and on the chairman's Twitter feed, is one that should make a considerable contribution to our fortunes in the coming season.

It was patently obvious last year that we lacked experience at the top of the order, a player who had seen the varying situations that first-class cricket had to offer and had handled them well.

Such a player is Stephen Moore.

Critics will say that he wasn't a regular in Lancashire's side, but with their first choice batting line-up, that was no disgrace. He continued to prove himself a very dangerous batsman in the one-day game, playing a savage hand at Old Trafford against us in the T20, but he is far from a one-trick pony.

Moore came close to England recognition at one point in his career and is a powerful stroke player with a wide range of shots that he is unafraid to play. A first-class average of around 37 is impressive and indicative of talent, while maintaining one-day equivalents of just over and under the thirty mark in List A and T20 cricket highlights a cricketer with a sound all-round aptitude for batting.

Crucially, he will give our innings a start that will both move the score along and provide valuable help to whoever from the young trio of Chesney Hughes, Paul Borrington and Ben Slater who earns the right to partner him.

He is an intelligent man who could easily have left the game for a business career, but he will be keen, no doubt, to do so on his terms and with another season or two of personal and team success under his belt. His signing is a sound one and having advocated the merits of his signing a time or two over the past few months, I am delighted to see that it has come to pass.

It gives us a solid-looking batting lineup for next year, with a number of options in the top six.

Good business? Yeah, for sure.


Gary said...

Think he could be a really good signing - Just what we needed. Was on the edge of England selection a couple of years ago but had a lean championship year with Lancs last time which led to him being left out. However he has been their best T20 batsmen for the last couple of years and is just what we want.
Interesting who made the decision to sign him with no Elite Cricket Performance Director in place? Lets hope whoever is appointed rates him!!

Marc said...

I,ve got somewhat mixed feelings about this signing. On the face of it he could turn out to be a useful player and has the advantage of playing in all formats of the game. He also offers experience and has something of a track record,at least up until recently.

On the other hand we already have the three openers you mention,plus Godleman and Elstone who you left off. It may be that one or a couple of those have effectively been written off and will only remain at the club until their contracts expire. My only concern is that people like Slater and Elstone are given a fair crack of the whip and have a chance to establish themselves. I,ve nothing against Moore what so ever and hope he does well for us,but we mustn,t forget we have two promising young players who in theory have a far longer term future.

Peakfan said...

Didn't leave off Elstone Marc, but his career has largely been played in the middle order, from three downwards, so think that's his niche this year. Godleman could come back but needs a big summer, for sure.
Gary, the deal to sign Moore would have been pursued by Karl Krikken. Anyone will realise that the squad is stronger with him being in it and whoever gets the nod for the top job will be glad of his services.

Sam said...

A good signing I think, and I'd like to see him partnered by Ben Slater at the top of the order with Chesney Hughes moving down to 5 in the championship. I'd like to think a top 6 of Moore, Slater, Madsen, Chanderpaul, C Hughes and Durston/Burgoyne/A Hughes should be amongst the strongest line ups in division 2.