Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A festive message

Unless something breaks very suddenly news-wise down Derby way, this will be my last post before Christmas.

Like everywhere else, there's plenty to do and time is short to do it. Still, though the kids are older now, there's still something magical about the season - and Christmas isn't bad either....

The cricket seems a long way off right now, whichever direction you choose to go and there's some dark nights ahead of us. Still, the shortest day is now past and before we know it thoughts will turn more often to prospects in 2014.

If I'm honest, mine are already heading that way and I've plans to play a few more games as well as continue to develop the blog. I'm very pleased with the way things have gone in the close season so far, with contracts offered, signed and extended, as well as picking up an opening batsman of considerable pedigree.

There's plenty of time between now and April to evaluate prospects in detail, but there's a lot of good work gone on at the County Ground in the past few months and fans can be reassured by that and by the fact that the Board are working tirelessly to create something special at Derbyshire.

The next news that breaks will doubtless be our new cricket supremo, a much easier word than the job designation. When it does, I will naturally be reporting it on here and look forward to doing so.

All that remains, for now, is to wish you all the very best for Christmas. Thank you for your support in 2013 and here's to another fine summer for Derbyshire next year.

More before the New Year!

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