Thursday, 29 August 2013

Umpiring decisions

The recent Ashes series has been awash  with contentious umpiring decisions, referrals et al, but if you thought you'd seen it all, spare a thought for old Peakfan, playing his final evening game of the season last night.

It was a grim game on a poor wicket and my flighted filth proved hard to get away. Indeed our opponents only made 48 all out in 15 overs (it was a T15 because of the shorter evenings at this time of year).

My final over saw three balls played quietly as I kept it tight. Two more went past the outside edge. The sixth took the edge and was gleefully pouched by Martin, our keeper, who has been responsible for a fair proportion of my wickets in the past twenty years.

He went up, I went up, slip went up. A wicket maiden was surely mine, as I turned to the umpire. The batsman hadn't moved, but his demeanour suggested he was resigned to his fate.

The umpire shook his head, then looked at me somewhat reluctantly.

"Sorry mate", he said.

"I wasn't watching..."

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