Sunday, 11 August 2013

Surrey v Derbyshire YB40

It was a cracking game of cricket at The Oval today, with nearly 600 runs scored in 80 overs. Yet Derbyshire ended up on the wrong side of the result, something that seemed unlikely for the duration of our innings and for the first half of Surrey's.

The game seemed to turn on two expensive overs from Mark Footitt, which gave impetus to a Surrey innings that was in danger of being stifled by a good spell from David Wainwright. The problem today was that no one was able to bowl with similar control apart from Tim Groenewald, whose closing spell took the game to a closer finish than appeared likely, five overs from the end. Neither Alex Hughes nor Peter Burgoyne enjoyed the best of games, but it is silly to be harsh on two lads who are learning the game. They will, in adversity, have learned a lot about bowling at the death in the first-class game and will enjoy better fortunes on many occasions in the years ahead.

It was obviously a superb pitch, as one-day pitches there often are there at this time of year and I think a major reason for our eventual defeat today was the way that our innings hit the buffers after the dismissal of Paul Borrington. Wes Durston led off well, then Chesney took the lead after his dismissal and played some trademark shots en route to a run-a-ball 80.

Yet today's star was undoubtedly Paul Borrington, whose 72 came from 69 balls and probably made a few people sit up in the process. Over the past couple of years I have suggested on more than one occasion that a run of one-day games could be the making of him and he has enjoyed an excellent run in the Yorkshire Bank 40. The freedom to go out and play a few shots has helped and he has no doubt enjoyed the lack of close fielders for a change. It was an excellent effort from Boz.

After his dismissal we added 'only' 78 runs in the last nine overs, five wickets going down in the following six overs and our final total owed much to a late flurry from Tim Groenewald. Again, the inexperience of the middle order was a factor and experience will show them that there are different ways to keep a total ticking over than expansive shots, especially when they first come in.

One can take nothing away from Surrey though, who tackled a daunting run chase with common sense and skill. In the not too distant future I would love to see a Derbyshire side tackle a similar challenge in such style and with considerable panache.

A defeat then, and one that I suspect spells the end of our YB40 ambitions for the summer.

There were reasons to be cheerful though.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree Peakfan. Excellent by Paul B today and hopefully he'll get a run in the championship (at 5/6 perhaps). As you say, the freedom to play shots has done him the world of good, and if he takes that mentality into the championship games I think we've got a good 'un. Technically he's superb so it's just a case of working out where he'll score his runs.

Listening on, it sounded like Footitt turned the game. I have to say that, for me, Footitt is not good enough. Not even close. He's had good days but the fact he bowls real pace - like Turner - doesn't cut it for me when he serves up aerosol bowling like yesterday. Evans and Higginbottom deserve a go.

That all said, what an excellent game of cricket - sounded a cracker on the radio - can't wait to get down TCG on Thursday!!

Cheshire Chris

Sam said...

Footitt and turner both have good days and bad days. On a good day, over 8 overs, they can win you the game. It's well worth playing one of them for the occasions on which they come off, but the captain needs to recognise when it's not going their way and whip them out of the attack before too much damage is done. Madsen should have bowled himself. i also dont know why chanderpaul, who has over 50 first class wickets, hasn't bowled his leg spin at any point this season, particularly when oppositions were racking up 600+ totals

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts, having been present at a very enjoyable, if ultimately disappointing, days cricket.

Borrington looked classy. He started scratching but then worked the ball around beautifully. He's not a big hitter of the ball a la chesney or a timer a la Durston but he can obviously play a very valuable roll. Fingers crossed this represents a new start for him.

On the whole I thought madsen captained very well with good field placements and sensible bowling changes. There were, however, a couple of glaring errors. Giving footit the penultimate over was one. His raw pace is undoubted (poynton stands miles back to him) but he simply hasnt got the control needed in one day cricket. Better used in the championship IMHO, the second error is an oddly specific one that stuck in my mind. Hughes was bowling and TG was moved up from long off to mid off. I wondered why. Next ball a 4 clattered by his despairing dive. Had he still been at long off it would have been a single...

Easy to blame footit but they needed over 10 an over with about 5 or 6 to go. 20 off 4 balls from Hughes and Burgoyne put them right back in it.

Make no mistake we should have won this game. But I feel we are not far away from being a very good one day team. We have lots of bowling options and a long batting order. One more big hitter, a pace bowler with control and a little bit more nous and we're there.

Oh, I thought wainwright bowled very well. We could use him in this form in the championship.

Spireite Tim

Peakfan said...

Good comments guys and thanks for them. Shiv has rarely bowled for years Sam, and I think a shoulder injury did for his bowling, but I take your point and agreed in tonight's piece.
Good observations Tim and spot on re Borrington. You don't need to hit fours and sixes every ball, just make sure you waste as few as possible. The skipper ran out of bowling options yesterday and when a couple of guys get clattered and there's no alternatives, captaincy is really tough!