Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Derbyshire v Yorkshire day 1

Not much to say tonight really as its late and my club team got well and truly hammered against strong opposition.

As did Derbyshire, which was hardly a surprise. Whoever won the toss was going to bat under sunny skies, on a blameless pitch, with small boundaries and an outfield like glass. It was nigh-idyllic batting conditions and our seamers, especially Marks Turner and Footitt got a pasting.

In adversity, however, comes a small consolation with a long and very tidy spell by Peter Burgoyne on his first-class debut. On a turning track you want your spinner to cause problems. On one where batsmen  chuckle their way through the day, you can only hope for your spinners to keep it tight and give as little away as possible.

From that perspective, Burgoyne did very well today. It will be one of the longer spells of bowling in his career and he will be tired tonight, but the lad did a very good job today and can be proud of his first day in the senior first-class team.

Hopefully it remains that way through the time that we bat, While the Yorkshire attack is better, we have no reason to fear batting on this wicket and should make a decent fist of things.

We'll see, undoubtedly at some point tomorrow.


Marc said...

Not exactly the day I was hoping for,but the sort of day I half expected. The seamers had a mare and our two loose cannons were firing it in all directions. Turner was particularly guilty of some wayward bowling,though Footitt was doing his best to keep up.

Our attack looked toothless and impotent on a good pitch and while Burgoyne and Durston restored some control,neither managed to produce a wicket. It shows the value of batting first,getting your runs on the board and giving your spinners maximum opportunity to inflict some damage later in the game,something which I fear Yorkshire will do on days three and four.At least on Friday I am almost certain to see us bat,though at this stage i,m not sure if it will be our first or second innings,or a combination of both!.

We also lacked imagination in the field. Allowing young Burgoyne to bowl 33 overs was too much. I,m sure Hughes,s shoulder would have allowed him to bowl a few overs along with Madsen himself and the under used Redfern. We just let things drift along on autopilot and never offered to challenge the batsmen with someting different.

Alex Lees looks a very good young player. At 20 he went a long way to proving if you,re good enough then you,re old enough. I bet Yorkshire don,t have to wait five years for him to establish himself.

Peakfan said...

You're either a psychic or a cynic mate...time will tell which!

Peakfan said...

No chance Peakfan. They will probably declare at 500 for something, then their spinners will get to work on us dismissing us for about 260. We'll probably follow on doing better in our second innings, leaving Yorkshire about 90 to win. I can see it now.


Mark said...

Lol, we're getting creamed all over the park. They could reach a thousand here if they wanted to, but 600 will probably do them. Terrible bowling effort this.

Sam said...

I'd be interested to know if a side has ever scored 0 points in a championship game, it would be quite a rare distinction if we managed it!

Tim, Chesterfield said...

I went yesterday but was back at work today. I actually went out of my way to avoid popping in for the last hour so painful did it sound via Twitter etc.

bails1947 said...

As a Derbyshire supporter since the 1940's I find this season a bit embarrassing.Surely there is not that much difference between the two divisions.I know we have been unfortunate with injuries but these players are supposed to be professional sportsmen and know something about playing bowlers of this quality.Some of the opposing bowlers are very good,but they are not all world beaters.If Shiv or Madsden don't get any, the others seem incapable of the basics of batting.
As for the bowlers, some of them seen incapable of putting the ball in the right place two balls running.
Seems to be a good team spirit but the idea is to score runs and take wickets. I've watched some poor Derbyshire teams over the years, but this lot are up there with the worst. You look at the scores 600 odd for five and you look at the scores a bit later and wonder how many wickets Derbyshire have lost on the same wicket,with the same fast outfield and as you thought,five down and we have not reached a hundred.

Mark said...

Looking forward to your latest blog Peakfan. All hell will be let loose on their later.

Peakfan said...

Some interesting comments gents. Poor effort, for sure, but we largely expected it. Remember, Alan, that if this was the old championship, we're a mid-table side by virtue of being top nine...we're a bowler or two light at this level for sure and the batting has laboured, but we've had our travails in the past!
Sam - no points is more common than you think. A lot of teams have real stinkers - not just Derbyshire!