Saturday, 6 July 2013

Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire T20 - beaten but not disgraced

Derbyshire's batting let them down tonight at the County Ground.

No team scoring 115 in 20 overs should have genuine expectation of winning the game and the feeling persists that we were 30 runs shy of making this a close finish. When our thus far successful top three all failed, the writing was on the wall and despite a very good 36 from Wayne Madsen, which was brought to a premature end by fine work from Chris Read, the rest of the batting struggled to come to terms with a slow wicket and good bowling.

By the same token, Derbyshire bowled well themselves and there was some excellent fielding. Michael Lumb anchored their innings with a knock that owed a little to skill and a great deal to good fortune. I cannot recall an innings where the batsman miscued so many balls and there were six or seven occasions when it either just cleared or just fell short of fielders. On another day, Lumb could have gone for single figures, but he rode his luck and fair play to him for that. He might consider a trip to the bookies tomorrow morning while it still holds...

David Wainwright bowled very well, Wes Durston equally so, but it was hard to get away from the feeling that we got team selection wrong tonight. When the slow wicket so helps spinners that the skipper felt compelled to turn his arm over for the first time in T20, it is hard not to think that Peter Burgoyne or Tom Knight might have been a better bet than Jon Clare or, especially, Mark Footitt. Neither bowled and while Clare does offer something with the bat, it would be silly to suggest the same from the latter.

Given Knight took four cheap wickets yesterday for the Seconds, he cannot be deemed out of form, while Burgoyne offers something with bat and ball. While Messrs Hughes and Whiteley are still deemed hors de combat, my feeling is that we shot ourselves in the foot to some extent tonight.

Still, three from four is something we would gladly have taken before the tournament and we remain in a very strong position in the group. Another defeat for Durham tonight puts them in a tough position and losing to the Nottinghamshire galacticos is no disgrace. We control our own destiny and there are supposedly big counties in our group who would like to be able to say that right now.

Beaten but not disgraced; bloodied but unbowed. I said last night that I thought we would lose and we did. I also hoped that we would battle and give them a game and we did that too.

Money talks and ultimately it did tonight. Yet Derbyshire have no reason to be ashamed. A little more luck, better application with the bat and lesser opposition could yet see us through to a stage of the competition that would be Quite Fantastic...

In closing, thanks to all those whose company I shared tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and look forward to the next time and hopefully marking it with a win.


Marc said...

It was a very poor batting performance on a very poor pitch which showed itself to be totally unsuitable for limited overs cricket.

In front of a big crowd we fell well short of even an average total,with only Madsen escaping criticism,at least as far as his batting is concerned.

I don't think we've got this team right at all and the selection of Footitt was nothing short of ludicrous. I'm beginning to wonder if Krikken is on some sort of suicide mission because for me this was just the latest in a season which has seen some inexplicable tactical errors combined with some mind boggling team selection.

I dont know how much influence Madsen had on the selection process but judging by the fact that Footitt never even got to the stage of loosening up, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think he had no influence at all. Had he decided to bowl him we could all have been back home in time to watch the end of Coronation Street.

Morkel is batting too low down and Redfern should only be played as a bowler. We have to get Alex Hughes in ASAP and possibly Whiteley as well. I don't think we,re doing ourselves any favours by not playing Johnson either.

In saying this,we are still in a good position and assuming Krikken manages to select the right team, which should include four spinners, we still have every chance of making the top two. If he keeps getting it wrong then it should come as no surprise if we finish mid table. In closing, I though Wainwright bowled very well again and seems to be rediscovering some form. We must take the pace off the ball, especially at home,so please learn the lesson before it's too late.

Mark said...

Outclassed Peakfan, and we're still a long long way from being close to a side like Notts. Batting was pathetic and I'm just surprised that they didn't knock those runs off within 12 overs.

Peakfan said...

Mark - yes, the batting wasn't great but the fact that they didn't smack us around the park is encouraging. We are a long way from them, in budget, which accounts for the strength of the team. Unless there's a magic wand that someone can wave to address that, we need to accept that and live with it.
Marc - disagree that Morkel could bat higher. He's a five or six after the innings has been built to hopefully take it out of sight. I don't see him higher than that mate and from his comments in the match programme, neither does he!

Gary said...

Don't understand the selection of Poynton for the 20/20 team. Johnson has done a decent job in the Pro 40 while Poynton has never really shown anything in the one day game to my mind? I hope we are not just keeping people happy by saying Johnson is now keeping in the 4 day format so Poynton does the 1 day keeping. You need to select your best team for the competition.
Notts are clearly the best team in the group by a country mile as shown again today so defeat to them should not be regarded as a disaster.

Peakfan said...

Fair comment Gary. At some point we have to decide on a number one and go with it. As u disgrace in losing to such a side

Tim, Chesterfield said...

It was pointless playing Footitt. I'll say it again, swap him for Alex Hughes! By the way it sounds like we could be heading for another sell out next Sunday at Queens Park. Let's get 'em snapped up so there's no room for any Yorkies on the day.

Peakfan said...

Hughes had his first knock since the Essex game for Swarkestone at the weekend.He will be back soon!