Sunday, 16 June 2013

The week ahead

Normal service for the blog tomorrow, but then the week ahead is likely to be more sporadic in the timing of posts as the week chez Peakfan is on the busy side of hectic.

On Tuesday my son and I head off to Hampden to see Bruce Springsteen, then Wednesday evening sees me playing cricket. Thursday is prize-giving at our daughter's school, while Friday is our son's birthday. I do hope to blog between times, but it will be when I have time and I wouldn't have it any other way, to be quite honest.

It is somewhat ironic that it comes during a busy week for Derbyshire. YB40 games against Hampshire on Tuesday and Scotland on Thursday are important and winning the two of them would leave us very much in contention to progress from group B.

They also know they can beat these teams. Scotland have been hammered by Durham today and we won easily enough in Edinburgh, while the players need only to cast their minds back to the pre-season Barbados tour last year and the final championship game of 2012 to realise that Hampshire can be beaten. Whether we can do so just now is another question, but there is enough talent in the side to do so and, lest we forget, we are a division one side while they are in the second tier. Time to assert yourselves gentlemen and put in a big one.

Then of course on Friday we see the crucial championship game against Somerset at Derby begin. How nice it would be to get win points on the board for the halfway stage of the season. I gave you my thoughts on that side last night and Somerset, while a side of talented players, haven't impressed especially this year. They are, in short, beatable if the weather stays out of it.

Also this week I expect news to break of a second overseas signing for the T20. Yes, I think there will be one, as we'd have otherwise broken the news to the contrary by this stage. I also stand by my comments of June 6 and expect that player to be from South Africa. Who it will be I don't know, but if he can hit a good long ball and ideally bowl a few overs he will do me.

More during the week, quite possibly at very strange times!


Marc said...

A win against Hampshire is vital and assuming we follow that with the formality of beating the Scots,we will have given ourselves every chance of qualifying. Hampshire are beatable,as are any team if you play well enough, but we need to produce a similar performance to the Essex game.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Palladino play at least one of the next two matches ahead of the Somerset game, with Clare also given an opportunity to shine. At least we have two or three players who have some batting form behind them, so let's get down there and get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Make that 2 new overseas players needed for the T20 as Shiv has been picked for St Lucia in the CPL T20. I assume the Chairman is aware of this development.

Natwest 81