Thursday, 27 June 2013

Brief blog...

I shall be brief tonight as I have a very early start tomorrow.

Andrew Bairstow is now available to Yorkshire tomorrow in the following squad:

Gale (c), Bairstow, Ballance, Brooks, Hodd, Hodgson, Lees, Lyth, Plunkett, Pyrah, Rafiq, Rashid, Sayers, Sidebottom, Wardlaw.

It is a decent squad, but no more than that. If we are serious of making an impression on the competition this year we should be beating a Yorkshire side shorn of several big stars.

The Derbyshire side looks likely to be as I suggested last night, though Peter Burgoyne could miss out on a Headingley track that rarely favours spin. There will also be a decision over the wicket-keeping role, with both Poynton and Johnson in the squad.

Finally tonight, you may have read that the club has appointed a chaplain, Revd Tim Wright of Boulton St Mary's Church, Alvaston, It is a forward-thinking move and recognises that cricket is a sport where independent support, advice and guidance, even just a friendly ear, can come in useful.

The club should be applauded for this which will doubtless be well utilised. Mind you, when I told my old Dad tonight he cast his mind back to earlier days.

"Time was when we looked like we'd signed Charlie Chaplin" he said, with a trademark chuckle.

You can't beat the old ones. We used to sign them...


Mark said...

Embarrassing again by Derbyshire, in a game that looked harder to lose than win. Pathetic batting display bar Hughes. Houghton a batting coach, please give me strength.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cracker. A few initial thoughts:
A good bowling performance but why didn't morel bowl his full 4 overs?
To collapse from 56-1 to 70-7 is completely inept.
But to win from there is superb.
Jon Clare finally shows his ability in 20/20, he can bat further up the order.
What does this game tell us about out 20/20 prospects? Haven't the foggiest quite frankly....

Spireite Tim

creweblade said...

id agree - what a rollercoaster - didnt get to go but wish i had - morkel an over short didnt make sense perhaps mads lost count? chesney we know can score quick and did but then wow - what a collapse - and then jc with help from wainers ad timmy g got us home. lessons - no idea but i'll take the 2 points! well done boys in the end