Saturday, 9 February 2013

Something for the weekend

So the Derbyshire contingent that was India-bound has ended up in Sri Lanka, after what must have been a somewhat arduous 14-hour delay at Mumbai airport.

I once spent seven hours with my family at Philadelphia airport, which was among the longest stints of my life, so the thought of spending twice that fills me with dread. Still, according to the tour diaries being filed on the club site by Richard Johnson and Tom Knight, the club at least arranged for them to spend that time in the executive lounge there, which will have made things a little easier. Once again, top marks to the top brass at the club for working quickly because of an 'international incident'.

The details of that can be seen over on  Cricinfo and the Board of Cricket Control India (BCCI) seem to have had a hissy-fit over media rights and a proposed IPL tour of Ireland and Scotland. It wouldn't need a genius to work out that such a deal might compromise relations between the celtic cricket authorities and the ECB. That Derbyshire managed to salvage something quickly from an unfortunate situation again speaks volumes for the organisation at the club.

Speaking of which, there's a fine article by Mark Eklid on the Derby Telegraph site, explaining the club's plans for the ground and the importance of the membership vote in its favour.

It is patently clear that a 'yes' vote is the only vote. In my humble, but perfectly formed and considered opinion, any member who votes against the plans is acting purely out of self-interest and/or ignorance of the facts. There will be a few who may wish to continue the status quo, but quite frankly it would be stupid to do anything but support the plans.

Why would you not want professionals, eminently qualified for the requisite responsibilities, carrying them out? Why would you, instead, want a well-intentioned but less able amateur to take those decisions that affect our club's future?

Vote for the new structure and sit back to enjoy the ride my friends. Vote to retain the status quo and condemn our club to a future of mediocrity, something similar to what has been a larger part of our past.

Finally tonight, a terrific century by Ross Whiteley for his side in Adelaide augurs well for the coming season. An in-form Whiteley will be a huge asset to us in the coming summer and he has been in sparkling nick over the past few weeks.

Long may it continue.

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