Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Encouraging sounds from the forum...

Between the tweets emanating from the cricket club and the comments from those who attended the County Ground last night, there are encouraging signs with regard to the membership vote over the new proposed Advisory Board.

A streamlined organisation makes eminent sense, especially when it places the focus squarely on specialisms within the existing structure. Indeed, one of the major frustrations in reading member comments of late has been in those who wanted to see voting options and a range of candidates.

With the utmost of respect for those concerned, why should there be and how could there be? It would presuppose that the county is awash with people of the requisite skill set, which is a laughable premise in the extreme.

There was a comment made below my weekend post on the member vote where "Anon" expressed his disappointment at the lack of supporting statements with regard to the candidates, something that the club has remedied today

In their defence, with the exception of Sir John Gains, whose highly impressive CV accompanied the information pack sent out to members, the rest are so well known that to a large extent the club had little need. The forementioned gentleman's track record is so impressive that it should be deemed a coup of monumental proportions to have him involved  - on a voluntary basis, mind - at a time when we are looking to completely revamp the County Ground. I have little doubt that Sir John could earn a fortune in any number of advisory roles and the thought of someone - anyone - standing against him is laughable.

The same goes for the Chairman, a man of some considerable standing in the city and an admirable Finance Director-elect, much as it does for David Booth, a man of excellent reputation in the local business community and our current vice-chairman. Then there's Rob Tice, an admirable contender for Legal Services Director, a solicitor of wide and acclaimed skills in the area of employment law.

 All of them are a perfect 'fit' for their roles, as of course is Kevin Dean, as Cricket Advisory Director. Kevin was a very fine player for the county, is a link between the club and the leagues and, to add even more strength to the argument, is also a successful businessman.

In all honesty, who would you stand against people of such professionalism  and reputation? Who could you wish for to better represent you and your club? They'd have to be flying low beneath the radar, as I'm unaware of anyone comparable.

Which leaves us, of course, with David Griffin as Administration Director. David has given good service to the club and has a knowledge of it and its affairs that few can match. He has received criticism over the years from some quarters, some of it down to petty jealousy, but the reality is that he has done a meticulous and at times thankless job very well since 2005.

It is, perhaps, the one role that some people might sit and think 'I could do that', yet it is one that requires a level of skill and talent, self motivation and organisational ability that few would wish to try or would be in a position to fulfil to the requisite standard.

Over the years, in various sports clubs, I have held a range of positions, including captain, vice-captain, treasurer, secretary, match secretary and social convener, All required a level of commitment and a willingness to get a job done and my club mates were appreciative of the efforts I put in on their behalf.

Yet for all that experience I wouldn't dream of standing in such elite company, even if my circumstances made it more realistic. I hope that fans realise we are truly fortunate to have people of such talent willing to work, free of charge on our behalf.

And, as I've said before, I hope they vote the current plans through.

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