Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Prospects and pennies

I see Yorkshire have announced a deficit of "only" £460K for last year, following on from one of £1.8 million the year before. I'm not so sure that there are reasons to be cheerful in those statistics, even when they claim they are a result of not staging a Test match in 2011. I wouldn't have thought you should budget to only break even if you get a "plum" Test match. There are some very average sides in the international game who may not prove the money-spinners they need, while with eight Test grounds they cannot bank on always getting a game. I'm not sure too many businesses would be happy with such figures and there must be some concerns among the fans of the white rose.

Over on the Forum, heads have turned towards pre-season prospects. I'll give you my thoughts nearer the season when we know the final line-ups of the different teams, but suffice to say that at this stage I am pretty confident that Derbyshire will battle against anyone. Some sides look stronger than others and I see no team as runaway winners of Division 2. A little luck and good team efforts will give any of them a better chance and I can't wait for the action to start.

Just 42 days to go and the Barbados tour comes before that...

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