Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Live stream announcement wonderful news

Two days before the season starts, Derbyshire announced today that all of their home county championship and RLODC matches will streamed live this summer, together with selected other games.

This is wonderful news and the club is to be congratulated for providing this service, in conjunction with Stream AMG and Purpose Media UK.

There will apparently be a fixed camera behind the bowler's arm at each end, with commentary provided by BBC Radio Derby as the season progresses, for those who want it.

It deserves to do well and I think will do. I know from the many emails that I receive that so many people follow the county from a distance, yet their love for the county cricket club is no less than those whose circumstances allow them to attend on a regular basis.

If I lived close enough to go more often it would not stop me doing so, but for those of us many miles, many counties and many countries away it will be a means of keeping close to the action.

All this in what promises to be a special summer.

Bring it on...

And thanks to all involved in this excellent development.

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Tim, Chesterfield said...

My work iPad will be getting a good work out, that's for sure.