Friday, 16 February 2018

Interesting second team appointment

I have just returned from a short trip down to God's Own County, to celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of my parents, quite an amazing feat (theirs, not mine..)

So this is the first chance I have had to comment on the interesting appointment of James Kettleborough to the second team captaincy. I have not heard of such an appointment 'from the outside' before and certainly not of someone so young (25).

It suggests that the second team will be a young one this year, which is exactly as it needs to be. Young players of talent need to be exposed to as high a level as possible at a young age and we should then see if they can handle it and progress still further.

At 25, Kettleborough has played for Northamptonshire and Glamorgan, without quite establishing himself at senior level. Like a good few others, of course, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that he is a late developer and his performances in club cricket, as well as the second team, suggested that he is very much a player of talent. Six half centuries in 39 first-class knocks perhaps do not fully confirm that, but he now has an opportunity.

Ireland's acceptance into international cricket means that Gary Wilson will be seen as an overseas player at the end of his current deal. With Harvey Hosein and Daryn Smit on the staff, we would be unlikely to replace him as a wicket-keeper, but another batsman would be needed, in all likelihood.

Unless one of our own emerges from the academy (and Callum Brodrick could be that player, while Hosein could easily develop as a batsman alone) then Kettleborough has a chance to impress, as well as furthering long-term career aspirations within the game.

I wish him well and will watch the second team's performances with my usual level of interest.


  1. The announcement focuses on him as the second X1 captain, how does this fit with him possibly playing in the first team? If at some point we have injuries etc that means we are one batsman short, if Kettleborough is the form player in the seconds does he get picked for the firsts? Or is his role exclusively with the seconds?

    1. I can only guess an answer to that Mark.

      That would see him as an emergency only back up with Macdonell and likely Hosein ahead of him, as well as who misses out in the senior ranks.

      But if he scores a raft of runs? He would have earned a chance, in my opinion.

      There will be competition for places, for sure...


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