Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Gloucestershire v Derbyshire day 2

Derbyshire 460 (Hughes 142, Madsen 121, Podmore 43)

Gloucs 47-1 (Viljoen 1-7)

There was perhaps a glimpse of the Derbyshire 2018 engine room at Bristol today.

A summer without a Wayne Madsen century would have been a surprise, and he filled his boots on a wicket that held few fears today. He shared a third-wicket stand of 233 with Alex Hughes, who can deem this as a real breakthrough season. Last week's award of his county cap was celebrated with a superb 142 as we batted very well.

Late wickets fell in the quest for quick runs, Harry Podmore hitting a quickfire 43 and Harvey Hosein a more restrained unbeaten 37, before we closed on 460.

Hardus Viljoen got an early wicket before the spinners closed the day with the home side 413 runs behind.

The wicket looks like making this a draw, unless someone produces something equally special with the ball.

Fingers crossed the season doesn't end in a last afternoon 'beer match' as the season closes.

Full praise for our batsmen today, though.

And especially Wayne and Alex. We might just have three and four nailed for a few summers to come...


Steve H said...

First of all, well done to Wayne Madsen. Ten thousand first class runs shows quality over a long period, and perhaps when he retires he will see this as a highlight moreso than a well made hundred.

Congratulations too to Alex Hughes. Given the responsibility there's no doubt this has been a breakthrough season. Contributions of note too from Ben and Harry.

A point I'd like to raise is that we have a guy batting fairly low down that is renowned throughout the club as being able to bat time. Given that he has been marooned in two of the last three games ( in different circumstances I grant you) ought there to be a discussion to bat that player one place higher? I get why the job of keeping might not allow him to bat much nearer the top, but a little nearer might give the side that bit more balance?

Anonymous said...

Madsen at 3 is something I've been after all summer. I need to check this but I seem to remember the last time he batted there this season he made a 50? Thakor at 3 next season no thanks. Hughes batting beautifully another one who can bat time. Argument he goes to 4 next season if Madsen moves. All depends on what we bring in and who is overseas I suppose. Great batting performance I was perplexed at the decision to not insert them and bat but was inspired. Gives us the best possible chance of winning what with Tahir bowling on days 3 and 4. Short shape bursts from Viljeon and Davis and I think we might be able to put them under some serious pressure tomorrow.

Dave M said...

Has Wayne scored a later, or given the south African season, an earlier century?
Dave, Wirral

Peakfan said...

I don't think he will have, Dave. This is a very late finish!

Peakfan said...

Depends on the side, Steve. I guess also depends on if he is in it when 2018 starts.
I think there is that case and it is a fair one, but as he develops, he will need to work out how to score more quickly when wickets are falling around him.
I think he can do that, as he has the technique. But he wont, for me, be considered for the one day...and especially T20...until he can prove he can score more quickly when needed, as well as batting time.
Alex Hughes has done that and he has time on his side to do the same as he fills out.

Steve H said...

You're right PF, he does need to develop his whole game, as anyone does at twenty one.

However, what would have served his purpose better in those last three knocks? A quickfire 25 and out? Or doing what he has in a team effort?

End of season games are indeed an opportunity to impress, as too they are an opportunity to fail.

Opening Bat said...

I think we are being a little harsh on Harvey expecting him to be a flashing blade. We have to look at his predicament in that he finished last season well, then we sign two people ahead of him behind the sticks, and let him remain in 2nd IX for most of the season, then bring him in for the last month. I would think his attitude is, bat time and get some runs to show his worth, which is what I think he has done again. As i have said many times i hope someone in the management/coaching team is mentoring and assuring him that assuming he continues to develop his vast talent he has a future at derbyshire cricket. Him, Alex, Ben, Will, and shiv?? are some of the bright lights at Derbyshire for the future.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, neither Wilson or Smit have scored as many Championship runs over the entire '17 season than HH did in his few games last season. And I notice that Hosein has the best batting average, this season, out of the three of them.

I agree with you Steve, he should bat a place higher. But getting into the team when Wilson & Smit are some of the senior players who choose the side is going to be tough.

Very well done to Alex Hughes. What an incredible season and a county cap well deserved.


Peakfan said...

It wasnt a criticism, Steve, merely constructive comment on what he has to do to develop. He has done well, but over the next four years I hope to see him hone his glovework and his range of shots.
The technical base to do that is there, and with that the possibilities are endless. The power should come in the fullness of time

Peakfan said...

Thanks OB..see my reply to Steve above and he will doubtless improve in coming years. A fine talent, for sure

Peakfan said...

Can't argue there, Sam!