Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Glamorgan v Derbyshire day 3

Derbyshire 288 and 160 (Reece 55, Godleman 27, Mendis 27 )

Glamorgan 237 and 0-1 (Mendis 1-0)

Glamorgan need 212 to win

I will be quite blunt to start this blog.

I fully expect Derbyshire to win this game tomorrow, probably with something to spare, as long as the weather doesn't intervene. It seems set for a cloudy day, but with only the chance of an occasional light shower.

If we don't, then we will have bowled poorly, because we have the perfect combo for a win on the fourth day of the game - a lead of 200-plus and two genuine, not part-time, spinners in the side. The wicket is wearing and one only has to watch how balls turned sharply today - some, like the one that dismissed Luis Reece and the one that got Billy Godleman, climbed sharply off a length too. Aside from one of the spinners only being 16, if a spinner who has never taken more than three in an innings can at times look like Jim Laker, you have to be confident. Wayne Madsen may be loosening his fingers for this one, too, if required.

For me, you would expect your overseas spinner to win the game from here and I hope Jeevan Mendis gets a good sleep tonight, because his last bowl for us is likely to be a long one tomorrow. I expect Mendis to bowl a long spell at one end, with Tony Palladino and Hamidullah Qadri taking turns at the other, because we cannot afford loose bowling, as Tom Milnes has been prone to this season.

Every run is precious, but the way that the home side approached their second innings, I felt that each might be carried carefully to the other end in cupped hands, in much the same way that Emmott Robinson carried a new ball to Bill Bowes between overs before the war, so as not to risk dropping it and losing precious shine.

Six successive maidens, then a last ball wicket to Jeevan Mendis, the key one of Jacques Rudolph. Wow.

IF we don't win, then Mendis won't have done his job and you would have to say that a clutch of senior Derbyshire cricketers have completely misread the wicket. Me too, because what I was watching today seemed at odds to the radio commentators, who couldn't understand the way we were batting. We approached the innings like a reduced over run chase, evident from the time that Billy Godleman hit 27 at quicker than a run-a-ball. Wayne Madsen hit three fours and was then out, but no one looked comfortable against either seam or spin. The players had quite patently judged it a track to play a few shots, before the inevitable one that would get you came along.

Luis Reece, who survived a couple of big appeals but played a crucial innings of 55. was eighth out to a ball that exploded off the pitch, but Jeevan Mendis, in his last innings for us (at least for now) made a bucolic 27 from 15 balls  that took the lead past 200, a figure of at least psychological value, probably much more than that.

Was it a great batting display? No, it wasn't, but there were mitigating circumstances. I tweeted this afternoon that a lead of 200 would win us the game and I stand by that.

Put another way, I'll have serious concern over the bowling if we don't win tomorrow.

And I know which skipper I would sooner be, going to bed tonight.


Anonymous said...

A minor point: very good to see the team spirit with Rudolph's wicket at the end of the day - a positive sign


Mark said...

I'm with you on this one Peakfan. I expect us to bowl Glamorgan out for between 150-180, as the wicket is deteriorating badly. No excuses from here lads if we don't get the job done today.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the spinners will bowl us to victory. on a side note Glamorgan have a case to answer, pack their side with non UK players (more so than us) despite having a large catchment area, based in one of the biggest uk cities yet get no fans in attendance ever. a they should never have got test status and b they should be doing much better to justify their existence.

High peak

Peakfan said...

Fair point HP. They do get overlooked as a target when other teams get hit often.
I have omitted your original point as it has already been addressed. Should you wish clarification, please feel free to email me

Snapper said...

Picking up on HPs point about non U.K. Players, Glamorgan took to the field in this game with seven players born in either South Africa or Australia. Interesting that the Glamorgan commentator queried Smit's qualification to play county cricket, then the next day spent about ten minutes going through the Glamorgan line-up explaining how they all qualified. Irish grandmothers, Welsh wives etc. Why would you go for a batsman of average ability because he was born in SA? There must be young batsmen around Wales feeling very dissolutioned, no wonder the attendance was only 68 on Wednesday.