Saturday, 27 February 2016

Quiet week ends with chairman's teaser

My apologies for the lack of blogging this week, but it has been one of 8.30pm finishes and the early starts have meant little time to write, even if there had been much to cover.

Around the country signings are happening. Chris Morris has gone to Surrey, where I have no doubt he will prove a fine signing, while Nottinghamshire are supposedly eyeing up the enigmatic Andre Russell, from the West Indies.

Russell is a similar player to Kieron Pollard, in that he has made his name (and fortune) in the T20 game, smacking quick thirties and bowling some quick, if not always accurate spells. I'm not sure he is someone I would ever pick to save my life, but as a wildcard who, on his day, might turn a game in a couple of overs, he is a younger Darren Sammy. He is also an exceptional fielder, so ticks all the boxes for any side seeking a T20 specialist.

Which brings me neatly to the tweet put out by Chris Grant last night. In it, he said that we will be announcing our T20 player for the summer on Tuesday, while Thursday would see 'another bit of good news'. your bets now, ladies and gentlemen. I don't think it is possible to second guess this one, but I would be much happier if we maintained consistency in overseas recruitment. My preference would be for a player who has a reputation to build and an impression to make, rather than one who has been there and done it all. Stirring deeds in a capacity crowd IPL game are one thing, but a damp evening at Derby, however we try to ramp it up, doesn't have the same appeal. Were we blessed with the same weather as India and Australia, there would be no issue in selling T20 tickets, but the reality is we largely treat a good evening as a bonus, rather than the norm.

I'd make an exception for AB de Villiers, but the chances of him playing the English T20 are slightly higher than mine. For me a young, hungry player, maybe on the periphery of his national side, would be the ideal way to go.

Lessons were learned last summer. For all that it was a thrill to see Hashim Amla and Tillakaratne Dilshan in Derbyshire colours and for all the protestations of the 'value' of their dressing room contribution, the bottom line is that neither delivered on the pitch. When you have done and said all, in the final judgement, that is how you judge sportsmen.

A man who can bat at five or six, maybe bowl  a few overs and contribute well in the field would be the ideal. Who it is - and if he fulfils those criteria - we will find out on Tuesday.

As for the second titbit, I don't read that as being the experienced seam bowler we have read about. More likely for me is that it is either contractual news or the club's financial results. Maybe I am reading it wrong.

We'll see...

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Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed the other good news relates to our 4 day skipper!