Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Thrilled at Edwin Smith book review

I was absolutely thrilled tonight to get home to a tweet, with a link to a review of my book on Edwin Smith.

That it came from one of my favourite cricket web sites was one thing, but I was absolutely delighted to get a review as favourable as this one, from Martin Chandler.

It came at a time when the supply of the book is dwindling. The reprint has sold very well and there are considerably fewer than a hundred remaining. With each day bringing fresh orders through ebay or email, I expect the book to be sold out - and gone forever, bar for the second-hand market - by Christmas.

Do make sure to order your copy by emailing me at peakfan36atyahoodotcodotuk. A copy signed by Edwin and I is £16.80, including postage and packing. You can also get a copy by searching ebay under 'Edwin Smith cricket book'.

Thanks very much to Martin for his kind words and to all those who have thus far bought a copy of the book.

I look forward to others getting in touch in the very near future.

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