Saturday, 1 November 2014

Weekend warmer

That was a warm day yesterday.

While south of the border was reminiscent of down Mexico way as the sun shone, north of it was more overcast but still very pleasant. It was, indeed, t-shirt weather and I can't ever remember that on the last day before November sets in. Normally at this time of year the adventurous make do with a body warmer, while those who feel the cold are on to their medium weight jacket, also known as the one that has a detachable fleece.

It was lovely and doubtless served as encouragement for the Derbyshire players, who have largely got holidays behind them and report back for pre-season training on Monday. The concept would be alien to many former professionals, for who starting in March could be a tad premature, but should ensure that they're in tip-top condition when the action begins in a few months time.

Off the pitch there was a club competition to come up with Halloween names for players. I misunderstood it, to be honest and thought that it was current players only. Had I only known, I could have added the likes of Bill Corpse-on, Tommy Witchell, Scare-old Rhodes and Alan Devill to the mix. Alas, 'twas not to be but I did like Demonic Cork. It was quite apposite, as if we show our late-season form next year, the opposition won't have the ghost of a chance against us...I'll get me coat...

Finally today, I had a mail from Chris, regarding a new cricket forum for Sussex fans for which they are trying to get more interest and contributors from other counties. His mail, with his permission, is copied below and get in touch if it is something that floats your boat:

I wish them luck in the venture - and I will see you again soon!

Hello Peakfan/Derbyshire supporters

This is an excellent site - I am most impressed.

Why don't you come and join us during the long Winter months on the recently created 'Unofficial Sussex CCC Forum'. We had a vibrant MB before but due to various reasons where our Club wished to detach themselves from an official Sussex CCC Forum, we have created a new 'unofficial' one in recent months and are presently seeking additional Members from other counties.

The topics range from match-fixing and the financial difficulties faced by county clubs to players like KP (a very vibrant discussion in recent weeks!), Matt Prior, Chris Jordan and Luke Wright. Anything that is topical is discussed. There is even a cricket blog attached to the forum written by a cricket journalist covering a wide range of subjects.

We have former newspaper journalists and other cricket/sports writers posting regularly alongside members from the Sussex Hierarchy. Our cricket coach, Mark Robinson, is a regular reader as well as a fair number of Sussex CCC players. 

The posts are rarely dull and often contentious, offering lively debates and discussion, where decorum and respect are strongly encouraged.

So, please visit us at this link: 


Marc said...

I can,t help thinking that November is too soon to resume training. The danger is the players may be overcooked and become stale and i,m not convinced that wasn,t one of the reasons why we had such a poor start to the 2014 season. I would have thought that a couple of days a week in December and then begin in earnest in the new year would be a better idea. Players these days are generally very fit and i,m sure it wouldn,t take more than two or three weeks to bring them up to the required levels.

Peakfan said...

I disagree Marc. Like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you get. The coaching and fitness teams will know what they need to do to keep 'gas in the tank' and will doubtless monitor things weekly.
Worcestershire did exactly the same last winter and got off to a flyer. Players are paid year round so should be working on their game and fitness on a similar basis.

Marc said...

Maybe you,re right but I still think there is a danger of too much too soon. I don,t doubt the coaches know what they are doing but it seems a helluva long time till next season. I don,t think Ajmal would have played much part in Worcestershire,s pre season training.Without him....We,ll wait and see how we start next April.

Peakfan said...

For all that Marc as I said at the time they had people bowling at the other end and they all had to score runs.
They were promoted so the end very much justified the means