Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Up and running on Twitter!

After several e mails asking if I was going to go down the path, I've activated my Twitter account and now have - woohoo - SIX followers! Eat your heart out Stephen Fry...all I need to do now is work out how to do it from my phone and I'll be cooking with gas - at least, if my employers allowed mobiles in the building, which they don't...

Anyway, if you wanted to follow the account, you can do so @Peakfanblog. I can't promise to be on there all the time, but I guarantee not to be bombarding you with such pearls as "Having chips and eggs for tea - lovely!" as I'm sure, like me, you really couldn't care less. I look forward to reaching double figures in followers sometime soon...

Anyway, it's a quiet old time in the county cricket world at present. Most clubs are waiting for confirmation of IPL commitments and international schedules before committing on overseas stars and rightly so. I did have a look at Chris Grant's Twitter site earlier today and read that "we have made an offer to someone and are just waiting on paperwork and availability. Likewise working hard to find T20 players."

Note the plural in the last word, which suggests that we should hopefully be competing on a level playing field in the T20 at least. As for the player offered a deal, my guess would still be Usman Khawaja but I hope we give the lad a good chance and contract him for the 40-over and championship only. At this stage he's not got the experience of the T20 to have the additional burden of being overseas star. It may well come, but he's better to get that experience in the less pressurised environment of Australian domestic cricket as one of the local lads.

I'm sure our lads are working hard on their game, wherever they are and I think 2012 promises to be an exciting season of cricket.

I can't wait!

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